Why So Anonymous?

Why are you anonymous?
I want to be judged based on what I have write about instead of my progression, gem choices, my arena rating, or any other arbitrary element folks like to judge others on. I look around the blogsphere and see other bloggers of the same class as my main ripping apart authors on places like WOW Insider, and really would rather them not see my armory, lest I be reamed to for not being top end progression or having not played said class since classic.

I also wish to not be bothered by griefers, trolls, or worse, groupies. I'm somewhat outspoken and many years ago I was e-famous on another game, I'm now more of a recluse (with the exception of blogging). I faced constant harassment from trolls and griefers who hated me for my honesty and my bluntness (and for being female). There was also constant snubbing from wannabes that envied what I'd achieved with skill and talent rather than brown nosing and wannabes trying to be my friend because they thought being my friend would get them a step up in game politics.

Why should we care what you think? What are your credentials.
I have raided since classic on many toons:

  • In classic I raided MC, BWL, AQ20, ZG, and a little bit of AQ40.
  • In BC I raided all content but Sunwell but didn't clear the T5 and T6 raiding instances until post-nerf. My guild had skipped end bosses to move on to the next levels. I retro raided through the old content, including AQ40 and killing most of Naxx (Saph was bugged so we couldn't kill the last two bosses).
  • love retro raiding, if I didn't do it when it was relevant, I tend to go back and do it later. 
  • In WotLK I've cleared most things in 10 man and most things in 25 man. Working on ICC. Never cleared Uld25, never killed Algalon, never cleared TotGC. 

Guild Crap:
  • I started a guild in classic. 
  • We raided in classic in alliance with another guild. 
  • I stopped raiding in classic with that group because of e-skank infestations else I woulda been able to add AQ40 being near cleared to my list of stuff.
  • We shifted to raiding on our own in BC. 
  • Our tanks got burnt out.
  • When I took a break due to IRL stress the guild fell apart. 
  • I gave up and transferred. 
  • I raided into Wrath with a guild that I wound up being unhappy in.
  • After Uld dropped I wound up leading my own raiding guild... again. It's actually under the same name as my old guild, built upon the same ideas and the same spirit. (Meanwhile, the old guild on the other server fell back together. I don't know if my alts are still there or if they booted me.)

I've raided on (based on memory):
  • Mage: MC, BWL, Ony40, ZG, AQ20, Kara, Retro Naxx (people failed at decursing)
  • Priest: MC, BWL, Ony40, ZG, AQ20, Kara, Gruul, Mags, ZA, Sunwell (trash)
  • Warrior: MC, BWL, Ony40, ZG, AQ20, AQ40, Kara, ZA, Gruuls
  • Rogue: Kara, Ony40, ZA
  • Shaman: Retro MC, Retro BWL, Retro Ony40, Kara, ZA, Gruuls, Mags, Naxx10, TotC10, TotC25, Ony10, Ony25
  • Druid: Retro MC, (on roommate's druid while he was late), Naxx10, Malygos10, TotC10, Uld25, Ony10, Ony25
  • Hunter: Retro MC, Retro Ony40, Retro BWL, Retro AQ20, Retro AQ40, Retro ZG, Kara, Gruul, Mags, ZA, Naxx10, Naxx25, Malygos10, Ulduar10, TotC10, Ony10, Ony25, TotC25, ICC10
  • Paladin: Retro MC, Retro Ony40, Retro BWL, Retro AQ20, Retro AQ40, Retro ZG, Retro Naxx, Kara, Gruul, Mags, ZA, SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT, Sunwell (trash), Naxx10, Naxx25, OS10, OS25, Malygos10, Malygos25, Uld10, Uld25, TotC10, TotC25, Ony10, Ony25, TotGC10, ICC10, ICC25
  • Death Knight: Naxx10, TotC10, Ony10
  • Warlock: N/A (just you wait!)

Anything else of interest?
  • I dualbox.
  • I can draw.
  • I play on a RP server.
  • My Warrior got Quel'Serrar at level.
  • My Warrior has the ZA claws that turn you into a tiger man.
  • My Priest got Benediction at level.
  • I was a Disc Priest before it was cool.
  • I was a mace Rogue before it became FoTM in BC.
  • My Mage had (and still has) a ToEP.
  • My Paladin has a T3 token. WTB Deadnaught armor scraps!
  • My Paladin has a Quel'Serrar.
  • My Paladin has 7/8 Judgement.
  • I sometimes heal Wrath heroics in 4/8 Judgement for the WTF factor.
  • My Priest has 7/8 Transcendence.
  • My Paladin is collecting fragments of Val'anyr.
  • My Paladin has Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros.
  • My Paladin likes pretty plate skirts.
  • My Hunter has 4/8 Giantstalker.
  • My Hunter has Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers.
  • My user icon is from a piece of art I commissioned. It cost me 50 dollars. Ouch!