Monday, May 3, 2010

Reading is a good idea

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So Altoholic was sitting around talking about religion and comedians on vent, reading trade chat. The Altoholic struck up a conversation with a hunter who wound up complaining about the School of Hard Knocks achievement.

Having been a terror in the lowbie levels on my Survival Hunter, I gave them a couple of simple pointers. The conversation that followed made me want to repeatedly slam my head against my desk.

02:45 [Hunter]: i hate that blizz making me for stupid childrens week
02:45 [Hunter]: 2 years i only got [School of Hard Knocks]
02:47 [Altoholic]: It’s not hard
02:48 [Hunter]: sure tried for everyday
02:48 [Hunter]: but i suck at pvping
02:48 [Hunter]: why i dont
02:48 [Altoholic]: Are you survival?
02:48 [Hunter]: yea
02:48 [Altoholic]: Traps. Scatter shot. Wyvern sting.
02:48 [Altoholic]: Scare beast, deterrence, disengage.
02:49 [Altoholic]: Bring a pocket healer. Outgimmick.
02:49 [Hunter]: [Wyvern Sting] only if u pvp lol i surv but ui dont got that
02:49 [Altoholic]: ._. But you have to get it to get the talent beneath it which is a major pve talent.
02:49 [Altoholic]: Noxious stings.
02:50 [Altoholic]: 3% increased damage when you have a sting up.
02:50 [Hunter]: eh not that major,
02:51 [Altoholic]: I don’t remember the details of it exactly, I’m not on my hunter, but I believe it’s considered something one gets for pve.
02:51 [Hunter]: only time i see anyone have that is if they pvp
02:51 [Altoholic]: I put serpent sting on pretty much everything when I’m on my hunter.
02:52 [Hunter]: yea i do too, but i’d lose 4 point somewhere else, and i’d never use wyv
02:52 [Altoholic]: Sometimes you have to think outside the box.
02:54 [Hunter]: [Noxious Stings] lol reading that kinda makes me think only if its disspelled
02:54 [Altoholic]: Increases all damage done by you on targets afflicted by your serpent sting by 1/2/3%.

I was flabbergasted at the player’s inability to read. I’d hoped that with the sudden pause that followed they simply realized the error of their ways and were shying away, embarrassed over a Mage telling them how to play their class.

Then the tells continued.

02:58 [Hunter]: yes but would i have to waste a slot to cast wyvern?
02:58 [Altoholic]: Is 3% damage worth more than 1 talent point?
02:58 [Hunter]: its 4 talent point
02:59 [Altoholic]: But 3% damage for 3 of those points.

See see? 3% damage increase. Point delivered?

03:00 [Hunter]: if i dont have to use [Wyvern Sting] and have someone dispell it if they could just to use [Noxious Stings] is kinda stupid
03:00 [Altoholic]: No no no.
03:00 [Altoholic]: Any time you use serpent sting, which is a dot that you should be putting on your targets anyhow, you’ll be doing 3% more damage.

Come on, come on.

03:02 [Hunter]: will have to check it out
03:02 [Altoholic]: Go hit up wowpopular. Usually specs that are most widely used are widely used for a reason.

Maybe, just maybe, this morning I’ve made a difference.
… probably not.

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