Saturday, May 1, 2010

Flex Playing

So, the other night my 10 man raid downed Dreamwalker for the very first time. We had our Shaman go in and get all the orbs while our Druid and That Priest healed the raid.

Read that again: 10 man, Shaman goes into the dreamworld. Priest and Druid heal the raid. My main is a Holy Paladin. I was not on him for the progression kill, nor was The Tank on his Paladin.

No, Altoholic was on his Mage, you know, the one that hit 80 on the 10th?

It all started when our Druid was moving. That Priest filled in for me, one of our other raiders played his Shaman to fill in for That Priest, and I played my Druid to fill in for our regular druid.

The next week the druid was back and the Shaman was actually enjoying his shaman a lot more than his other toon. I've been planning on setting up a second run and my main doesn't need much, if anything, from ICC10 so I went ahead and played something else.

I went to get on my hunter but we had two Hunters in the raid already so I got on my Mage. To keep consistent, I kept my Mage in raid for this second week.

I found that I was adequate at kiting mobs for Dreamwalker. I used Arcane Barrage a lot, jump kiting, something I learned while doing the Rohk'delar quest on my Hunter. I'm probably a better Mage now than I've been in the past thanks to my alting.

Honestly, I'd rather play my Hunter or my Paladin but I'm a flex player--My paladin is still my main, but I play what's needed. It's not greed that motivates me to run endless heroics and pug raids on every character I have, no, it's quite the opposite. I want to be the best support player I can, and by having one of everything, being geared and being adequate in everything, I am able to provide whatever is needed to make something work.

I'm not as flexible right now as I could be. When other Altoholics in my guild had toons of certain classes hit 80, such as a Resto Shaman, I put my member of that class/spec on the backburner so they wouldn't have someone else trying to take stuff from their pie. Said players aren't part of my social circle anymore so I should most definitely finish gearing out my alts sometime, at least to the point where they need nothing more from loltriumph.

I know many Altoholics have a bunch of toons, but none that are really great in terms of gear.
Are there a quiet minority of other folks out there who are like me among the sea of folks with mass amounts of undergeared toons?

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