Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What did you say about my Gearscore?

After several failed attempts to get into a TotC25 run on my Mage I finally managed to get into one. Once I got an invite I sat in the raid for quite a while before it actually happened but I'm an amazingly patient Altoholic and browsed the auction house and sat around reading blogs and doodling and wishing I'd get unlazy enough to dig up the tablet that the feline in the photo in my previous entry ate the cable of so I could repair it and digitally doodle.

A player in raid spoke up, saying someone wasn't well geared enough for the instance and that person was removed. Then, an Unguilded Mage went on to target me and try to get me kicked... well as well as he could while writing like a lobotomized brat pack reject would speak if it had a hole through its tongue.

This is the conversation:
UnguildedMage: neither is ivia no ofence
Altoholic (Ivi): This is my 8th toon.
Altoholic (Ivi): I know the fights and how to avoid the stupid.
Altoholic (Ivi): I can link you the achievement on my main if you have any questions.
Someshaman: dont fail
Somepriest: Mage dps is easymode anyway :p
UnguildedMage: i dont care as long as loot is fair that you are not aloud to roll on everything cause you prolly would like to lol
Altoholic (Ivi): Nah.
Altoholic (Ivi): My gear's decent, the raid browser says I'm good for TotC25. :)

So we get into the instance and I inspect this mage. He's wearing iLevel 232 gear with a sprinkle of Conquest badge 226 gear. Like me, he was full of welfare epics. Sure, I had four blues, but they were minor pieces.

I did observe a Holy Paladin in mostly blues with no enchants in the raid, which thankfully managed to become a bigger focus of attention than my "undergeared" Mage. I opted to trade Focus Magic with a Mage who was not the douchemage.

So we did the Beasts and I did ok. I got out of the fire and attacked the right thing (I might have done low due to switching to adds instead of staying on the boss, I was one of the only DPS who switched to kill the adds), I used blink to get out of the obnoxious yeti's iceblocks and continued to lay on the deeps, and in the end the bosses died and I didn't.

I decided to roll on loot just to piss off the douchemage. For shits and giggles I rolled on a Trophy of the Crusade... and rolled a 99. I'm sure douchemage was raging that my welfared out ass won it instead of his far more worthy welfared out ass.

We got to Lord J and the fight began. Lord J got his Nether Power buff and I hesitated a moment before starting to spellsteal, giving time for the other Mages to get some too. None of the other Mages were spellstealing, they were too caught up on killing the boss and doing high deeps. With ten stacks of netherpower plus Arcane Power plus Mirror Image my DPS was pretty wild.

Unfortunately our healers were sub-par when it came to healing awareness and they weren't healing people with Incinerate Flesh and the burning folks were exploding and damaging the raid. Lucky for me, I've got some pretty keen situational awareness and understanding of what Incinerate Flesh does and simply made it a point to get far far away from people who got Incinerate Flesh. As a result, while most of the DPS died I was one of the few still standing when the boss died while sustaining ridiculous DPS.

My experience and my knowledge of the fight shined through despite my gear while others with higher gearscore but less knowledge of the fight from multiple perspectives were screwed by their inexperience. Bring the player not the gear.

So I send a tell to Unguilded Mage.
Altoholic (Ivi): So how am I doing?
UnguildedMage: pretty darn good

Open mouth, insert foot. Having earned some peer respect despite my gearscore, we talked about playing Mages and how it's changed since classic. Turns out the Mage is the retired main of a now Prot Paladin. I commented on the derpyness of the master looter who gave a spirit cloak from the first boss to the Paladin in blues.

At about that time the master looter looted Solace of the Fallen to his friend without offering to roll for the item. It was not announced during the raid (before we started) or at invite time that the item was reserved. There were a lot of upset people, especially healers, and the raid fell apart.

Someday I'll finish TotC25 and get the happy patterns.

Tonight we hit ICC10. We had four healers and two hunters show up. For the first time in a long time I had the opprotunity to switch to DPS, but there were already two others of the class my main DPS toon is: Hunter. The result? Thanks to the awesome that is the AA guild, Mr. Suckmage now has several pieces of iLevel251 gear, is hitcapped without me having to gem for hit (and without cloak), and can boggle people's minds by having some ICC achievements while still wearing an iLevel187 blue cloak.

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