Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trees? In my Icecrown? It's more likely than you think.

So it was Tuesday. One of my raiders is MIA, another whom will be henceforth called "That Tree" (our comic relief) is without net due to sudden emergency moving through no fault of his own. It certainly felt like things weren't going to go well.

Regardless, I put on my best smile and my raid leader wig, hopped onto the game and started making things happen. Our weekly was Noth. I quickly had a 10 man group filled out and quickly polled if we should do the weekly in 25 man. The decision was made for and I called out for 2 healers and "a whole lot of DPS". Wound up with about 23 people in total, ran in, and busted Noth's kneecaps all quick like then put together an ICC10.

One of our long-time members who rarely gets to run with us wanted to go along. Said player's been proven to do extremely high DPS and is regarded as being very good with very fast reaction times. Our DPS warrior offered to sit out for him, however, what instead wound up happening was a number of us hopped on alts and mixed it up.

We grabbed one of our regular guests, a shadow Priest, to fill in for the MIA laserturkey.
The Tank got on his Rogue.
The DPS Warrior got on his fresh 80 resto Shaman (who honestly has hit tons of heroics and is probably ready).
The Mage got on his DPS Warrior.
The Hunter got on his DPS DK.
The Altoholic set the fabulous Zan aside and asked which healer to bring. The raiders chose: My Druid.
That (Disc) Priest got to be the lone tank healer instead of the offtank healer raid bubbler hybrid of awesome.

Now my Druid, according to wowheroes is not ready for ICC10. The Druid is still wearing spatterings of crafted iLevel200 gear with a PVP resto spec. I was pretty unsure about playing the Druid but if it was a Druid they wanted then a Druid they would have.

I'm vehemently against silliness like Gearscore and believe in "Bring the player not the gear". If Gevlon could clear Ulduar10 in blues, my slightly undergeared Druid could be a healer in ICC10. Right? Right?

Our final team looked like this:
DK Tank
Disc Priest
Resto Shaman
Resto Druid

As we began to pull, I joked that I was filling in for That Tree and That Priest was filling in for me. Next thing you know, half of the raiders were trying to 'roleplay' others. Myself and The Tank took on the almost offensive obscene tactless comic relief, though slightly toned down. At points during the raid I simply said, "Insert totally uncalled for -ist joke here."

The change of pace was fun and much needed.

We had a few pitfalls, but for the most part I did better than I thought I would at Resto Druiding. I spent a good deal of time proactively hotting people before things such as "BOOOOONE STOOOOORM!" This came in really handy on the two dog mini-bosses in the plague wing, putting up a wild growth right before decimate on Stinky assured that people got some heals before they got hit with the obnoxious green damage aura.

We only had two ranged DPS. This proved to be slightly problematic when it came to Saurfang. Luckily I found that I could sit back and let the Shaman and the Disc Priest heal while I assisted the two lone ranged DPS with the beasts. I used a combination of root spam and shifting into bear and taunting the beasts away from the DPS helped prevent that orc from gaining too much blood power.

The Hunter, who was infamous for his one-man Stormwind raids and being a melee Hunter in Classic and BC, who rarely gets to run with us really amazed me as I watched him kite the blood beasts. He pulled one into a frost trap, turned his back to it, then disengaged past it with deterrence up so it wouldn't hit him as he went. Altoholic is impressed, he's no Huntard.

In the end my Druid got Boned, Made a Mess, got a new staff, the friendly rep ring, and I realized I was stupid and had iLevel232 gear sitting in my bags waiting to be enchanted and used. According to wowheroes now, said Druid is ready for ICC10. I am still feeling very uncomfortable playing the Druid in ICC10, because while the Druid may be ready, I don't feel practiced enough on the toon to be ready. I learn very quickly and it probably won't be long before I can rock the Druid like I rock the Paladin and the Priest.

One of my goals for this week is to finish getting the Druid all her Triumph badge gear this week along side getting my Mage to the point where I can weasel my way into a TotC25 pug for a chance at delicious patterns, badges, and achievements. My other goal is to practice with the Druid and the Mage to the point where I feel really confident in playing them.

Here's That Priest penance pewpewing while my Druid shows off her shiny new staff... and her wispcloak. Somewhere someone is crying and it's all my fault.


  1. See, I told you that it would be alright.

    Pew pew.

  2. If that's the staff I think it is, that is HAWT! I just got it on Tuesday. Husband was like "wah I'm tired" and I'm like YOU WILL ENCHANT MY STAFF NAO.

    I don't remember who wrote this, but the cooldown for barkskin is the same as for boooonestormmmm so I always hit that at the beginning of bonestorm.

    I've done the root spam thing on Saurfang. Don't forget to hit nature's grasp or whatever that self-buff is on yourself early and often! If the blood beast DOES try to snarf your face, it gets rooted and you run away like a sissy.

    Also, I'm not shy about blowing tranq on one of the decimates. I warn the other healers beforehand so they know that "group 1" is covered, and they should just focus on group 2. (Divine Hymn is overpowered and I'm jealous.)

    As for getting "ready" to do ICC, I would say that if you can heal HHOR, you can handle it. Stupid HHOR. HATE.

    Your hunter sounds AWESOME. The last time we had a hunter use disengage on Saurfang he, uh, fell off the platform.

  3. It was because of my awesome rogue skills we got anything done >.>

    PEW PEW!


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