Saturday, April 24, 2010

Problem was the tank...

Dear Readers,

Look closely at the following screenshot. It features Myself on my Mage, Gear Score: Zero on her alt Priest, and The Tank on his Rogue getting an achievement for clearing the escape from the Lich King in HoR under 6 minutes.

There's a story to tell here about a Tankadin of the naughty sister of faith variety whom, before we even began, complained about GS0's GearScore while still wearing sub-par gear herself.

Our initial conversation went a little something like this:
We zoned into our random - H-HoR and........
01:55:56 [Failtankadin-Stormrage]: not with these heals
01:56:04 [Failtankadin-Stormrage]: sry folks
01:56:07 [GS0]: Hey.
01:56:09 [GS0]: Stop.
01:56:12 [GS0]: I bet I can do it.
01:56:12 [Altoholic-Ivi]: Oh mang.
01:56:15 [Altoholic-Ivi]: Gearscore lol.
01:56:24 [Failtankadin-Stormrage]: damn right
01:56:26 [GS0]: Your gear + my skill = Win.
01:56:29 [Altoholic-Ivi]: You can put gear on a bad.
01:56:32 [Altoholic-Ivi]: You'll still have a bad.
01:56:35 [GS0]: Look up Alp**** of twisting nether. My main. I can do this.
01:56:37 [Altoholic-Ivi]: GS0's healed totc25 in his gear.
01:56:50 [Failtankadin-Stormrage]: my main is a priest and I knew when I was able to do this place
01:56:57 [TheTank-Dim]: She only has 46k buffed
01:57:00 [Altoholic-Ivi]: Bring the player not the gear.
01:57:02 [GS0]: I randomed into this - it says I'm good enough.
01:57:08 [Failtankadin-Stormrage]: okie dokey
01:57:11 [Altoholic-Ivi]: GS0's main is like...
01:57:13 [Failtankadin-Stormrage]: I have faith in you
01:57:16 [Altoholic-Ivi]: GotUR.
01:57:24 [Altoholic-Ivi]: When it was relevant.

We tore through the first part of the encounter like it was a joke. We kept pulling agro off the Failtankadin, the rogue would lose agro right after he finished his ToT over and over again.

During the second part of the encounter adds went wild and caused a wipe, again, the tank wasn't holding very good agro, focusing only on the footmen and not on anything else. At the beginning of the second boss the warlock pulled agro and denied (while the Paladin denied losing agro).

Then we got to the escort phase and wiped... and wiped and wiped. GS0 was getting healing agro, I was getting AOE agro when waiting for the tank to get Agro, TT was getting agro like wild, and Failtankadin was not doing very basic things that tanks do.

You see, long ago in a land far away, in the mystical land of Molten Core there were little doggies called "Corehounds" which breathed fire and did other not-cool things. To prevent the nasty doggies from hurting the raid, tanks were smart and turned the doggies away from the raid.

Failtankadin complained about us not attacking the right target and said that's why we were getting agro. Nevermind GS0 was getting healing agro doing her job and mobs just weren't being picked up before trying to eat her face. Failtankadin wasn't using Holy Wrath, evar, and was failing to turn the abominations away, making it even harder for her to heal.

Yes, we've learned from Gevlon and the guild Undergeared-EU that we can do these instances in blues, but it does require people play intelligently and this Failadin wasn't... at all.

I suggested that Failtankadin binds skull to her Y key like I do so she may easily mark the kill target for everyone and even tried to walk her through it. GS0 suggested Holy Wrath to which they argued but all three of us pointed out that we have Paladins of our own and know what we're talking about. After eating a few more abomination spews I suggested turning them around. Oh boy. GS0 got out the "OMG THINGS ARE HITTING ME!!!11" macro.

02:38:20 [Altoholic-Ivi]: You should turn around the fatties
02:38:25 [PoorPugWarlock-Durotan]: docs first?
02:38:31 [Altoholic-Ivi]: So they don't spew shit on the group.
02:38:34 [Failtankadin-Stormrage]: you should stfu
02:39:01 [Altoholic-Ivi]: My main's a healer. Having to heal through extra shit is not fun.
02:40:07 [Failtankadin-Stormrage]: you should go back to your main
02:40:15 [Altoholic-Ivi]: I ain't talking to pick on you. I'm making suggestions as a player who's an experienced tank on paladin, dk, warrior, and an experienced healer on all 4 healing classes and all 5 specs.

At this point we're on the last pull of the escort and we get a ton of mobs, several abominations, which don't get turned and spew all over us and wipe the group.

02:40:31 [GS0]: AGGRO ON HEALER!
02:40:57 [GS0]: AGGRO ON HEALER!
02:41:48 [Failtankadin-Stormrage]: YOU ALL HAVE AGGRO YOU FUCKING IDIOTS
02:41:54 [GS0]: Lr2Tank
02:41:56 [Altoholic-Ivi]: You... spewed shit on us.
02:42:05 [Altoholic-Ivi]: I asked you to turn the fatties around for a reason.
02:42:08 [Failtankadin-Stormrage]: LOOK AT YOUR WEAK ASS DPS
02:42:09 [TheTank-Dim]: i didnt have agro and died
02:42:13 [Failtankadin-Stormrage]: YOUR WEAK ASS HEALS
02:42:15 [Altoholic-Ivi]: We can't do more DPS.
02:42:32 [Failtankadin-Stormrage]: i CAN HEAL THIS EATING
02:42:33 [GS0]: Stop being bad, bro.

The Failtankadin blamed the DPS, blamed the heals, blamed everyone but herself... and raged.
At this point we vote-kicked the tank and got a new one. Now it takes three to vote-kick. I did not vote because I was busy typing in response to the nerd rage, meaning the poor Warlock who'd died repeatedly to the Failtankadin's lack of agro voted to kick.

We continued and did decently until our new tank... fell off the cliff in an epic oops causing the most hysterical wipe ever (except the time in Molten Core when the orange cat from a below post thought the ceiling fan would be a great place to sit).

In the end we got serious and not only did we get through the fight just fine but we did it in less than six minutes. We must have some really crappy DPS and some really crappy heals. All it took was the new tank actually picking up the adds and turning the abominations away from the party.

I think the Stormraging Failtankadin was concerned about GearScore because their own gear and experience were sub-par and they wanted to be carried. As an afterthought, I question if the Failtankadin even had Righteous Fury up.

The bottom line was the GearScore Nazi was the problem.

And thus concludes my tale of once again setting sail for win on the failboat of adventure.


  1. Just another reason to hate Gear Score. Why do people still use that addon? Gear inflation is so rampant as to make correlation with gear level and general skill level completely unreliable.

    And I HATE tanks that blame everything on the healer! What are we supposed to do? Carry you on our backs? Oh wait...

  2. I absolutely refuse to install the addon on my computer, and will continue to do so. While GS might allow you to see if someone is wearing full greens and perhaps would get one-shot from aoe in ICC I fail to see it doing much more than that.

    While with less gear your healing or dps might be a little bit lower than it would be with good gear, I think it's much more important that you know how to play. That you don't stand in fire. That you're not an idiot. You know, the basics!

    Sadly a lot of people seem to look at GS and ignore you, while it's quite possible that you're actually a better player than they are.

    Another pet peeve of mine is achievements. Having the achievement for a raid doesn't mean you know what to do, or that you do good dps or whatever. It means that you were in there while someone killed the bosses.. for all we know you were lying dead on the floor since the boss was at 98% health.

    People can get carried through, and there is no way to know if they can play unless you give them a chance.

    I hate that my alts - that I can play really well - can't get into raid X and Y because they don't have the achievement. But if I never get invited, how am I meant to get the achievement in the first place?

    Sorry, ranting a bit now :) Good blog, gonna keep reading!

    /Saga (


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