Thursday, March 25, 2010

Roleplay: A modest proposal for the immodest.

No, I'm not going to propose the devouring of level one humanoids, but I am going to make a proposal that would, in a perfect world, make life a little more tolerable for the WOW RPer who isn't interested in ERP (Cybersex).

It's not uncommon for me to be approached by individuals of ill-repute on a regular basis while sitting in Silvermoon, it happens on a daily basis. They typically don't get the responses they like and storm off in a fuss. Some even get on their high horses and say they're ignoring me for disrupting their RP (... of trying to coerce me into cybersex).

Now, folks who ERP are really not that bad, the problem is that on the server I play on they're very overt. They're out there, shameless, public, are tasteless, and target just about anyone without any sort of prompting. This is probably part of why the non-RPers on the server dislike the RPers.

I know that folks aren't going to stop despite the fact that such interactions are likely against the TOS and being caught doing so with a minor could mean a world of trouble if mom and dad find out and press charges.

I don't think it's too much to ask for folks to target their sexual propositions with educated guesses instead of trying to grind on anything that moves.

I would like to suggest that those who enjoy Erotic Roleplay download and use an addon called FlagRSP2. I've observed that most of the ERPers trolling around Silvermoon are not running an addon like FRSP2.

FlagRSP2 allows users to create character descriptions as well as to classify (flag) themselves as a roleplayer. In character, out of character, casual roleplayer, roleplayer, storyteller, mature roleplayer, looking for contact, etc.

You can hide the descriptions and still see notes on tooltips.
It looks a bit like this:

Now, an ERPer could make it so the words circled above clearly spelled out the type of play they're looking for.

The following options would be ideal:

The resulting tooltip would say "Mature Roleplayer, Looking for Contact" which could (easily) be considered synonymous to "Wanna fuck?"

RPers that don't have "Wanna fuck?" spelled out in their tooltip and those who have no RSP at all are probably not interested and should be left alone.

By installing this or another addon and flagging yourself and looking at other's flags, an ERPer can keep the streets decent, save dealing with those who do not want, and eliminate accidentally propositioning minors.

This would likely also reduce the chance of getting reported, banned, vanned, or winding up face to face someone like Chris Hansen.

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