Monday, March 1, 2010

The Good and Bad of Lowbie Randoms

I guess this (and this other post, the one that I got the idea for) could kinda-sorta be considered part of the Blog Azeroth shared topic of sharing some positive dungeon stories.

Now that the Altoholic has settled into her new apartment it's time to write some more.

This weekend I decided to try out the random dungeon tool on my lower level characters. I have two priest/warlock teams and they've fallen out of sync with the level 30 warlock quests, so I'm pushing them all to 35 using the random dungeon tool.

They're not all horror stories. Here's a few good positive stories.

Helping the Lowbie Warrior Tank
In SM Graveyard, I found myself grouped with a Warrior tank who was having a terrible time holding agro on multiple mobs.

He mentioned he was having trouble so I politely suggested he try using 'jumpystomp' and shouts to at least get the attention of things with his initial pulls. This worked out very well and the results were immediately visible. He confidently pulled a good half dozen mobs at once and held them all.

Helping the terribly confused Priest
In RFD, I had the misfortune of being grouped with a shadow priest who's healing. I mean, I heal as shadow on my little lowbies with no issue but this poor guy doesn't have a clue. He struggles to do his job and the result is wipes. He's having trouble peeling off Debuffs that would have turned the tide in some of the battles--such as the silencing disease on my warlock and the Mage.

I suggested, half frustrated, that he get decursive. As the instance pressed on, he wound up asking myself and the other person whose main is a healer for advice on how to heal, about addons and other tools that would help him do his job better.

When the instance was over he said he'd go get those addons right away so he could do better next time. *thumbs up*

The Focus on Meters
I've noticed a huge focus on meters in lowbie (level 30ish) instances on the US Ruin (Battlegroup 3). I know very little about warlocks, but I do know that even at top levels, affliction warlocks tend to not do very highly on trash (in heroics), nor do they manage to get their rotation off on mobs that die too fast. As such, I don't expect to top the meters, I simply throw up my dots, rain of fire, and throw my instant shadowbolts when shadow trance procs.

At this point, I'm not sure how classes damage lines up at the low levels and where I should be preformance-wise. I don't really care that much. I'm there to push buttons, get experience, get my loot, and leave.

I'm stuck in a state of disbelief... People actually care about the total damage done on trash in the SM Graveyard and feel it's a way to measure skill?

I keep getting told that I suck because of my damage done numbers. Apparently while I'm sitting there hitting searing pain on a ranged mob that's nuking the healer so I may have it nuke me instead to prevent a wipe, I'm less skilled of a player than the mage spamming arcane explosion on just one mob because they have higher deeps.

It really makes me want to not instance as a DPS because of the meter pressure. Particularly, that the pressure to do well on the meter is pressure for me to foresake playing well (waiting for agro, preventing wipes, getting out of the stupid) for the sake of big numbers. The reason I forbid meter linking (and to a lesser extent discussion) in my raids is because I'd rather have people worry about doing what they need to do to get the job done instead of having them get reckless for the sake of competition.

This stupidity just hurts my head.

The Reluctant Warrior Tank
I've been traumatized by bad DPS when it comes to tanking using the random dungeon system. The first few times I tanked on my warrior I found the entire thing to be hell. Jerks DPSing before I could get agro on mobs with my tiny DKs didn't help either.

I took my warrior (level 70 currently dps fury in crap outlands pvp blues and boa pieces (dw arcanite reapers, ho!)) into randoms with my Tank's holy priest alt healing. I'm afraid of tanking so I go Fury. We get UK with a paladin tank and a DPS DK.

The tank makes the first pull and almost immediately starts taking huge spikes of damage. My tank is going "OMG" on vent at the spikes. The second pull, the DK autoruns into the two pulls + patrol, getting a good 8 or 9 mobs. My tank goes "OMG" again as the little Tankadin facetanks the floor faster than a heal could be cast.

At this point, the paladin starts playing the blamegame at the healer, my tank. He says, "WTF healer? Why did I die?" My tank told him, "You got two pulls." I said, "You took more damage than you had health." He asked why he didn't get enough heals. We repeated.

I walk over and inspect him and get this sinking feeling, "..." I ask him what his defense is. No answer. I ask him again, he readychecks, I say no, he pulls anyhow. So I go armory him, my tank's still complaining over vent on how squishy this guy is. Bingo!

Our tank has something like 380 defense. I announce it in vent. I "..." he "..."s.

He also has a ret spec, so I throw on my tank gear (Mostly T4ish stuff), switch to my prot spec, and started tanking. I told him he needed somewhere around 490 defense. He didn't put on his DPS gear, instead he left the instance, demanding to know my defense.

I handled things much better with my charging, jumpystomping, and defense capped gear.

I'm still reluctant to tank... though I think I'll wind up being one of those people who offers to do it if I wind up with someone who's not ready.

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