Friday, March 12, 2010

Frostfire... from someone without a clue.

The new random dungeon system has brought out the leveling beast in me once more and I've begun leveling my alts again.

Among the leveled is my Mage, who I race changed from a troll to a belf several months ago. I got him from 70-74 so I can portal folks to Dalaran. Boredom and curiosity drove me to level 75 so I might try out Frostfire bolt.

I decided to give a Frostfire spec (with imp scorch) a try, dropping my Frost survivability spec. I haven't played a Mage seriously since Classic, I don't have a clue what I'm doing. I only leveled him to 70 so I could drop tables for myself. After shooting a few bears I took what knowledge I have from playing my Hunter (priority go!) and Warrior (don't forget your slam procs!) and made some power auras to notify me of useful things--like Living Bomb not being on my target, and Hot Streak 'Pyroblast now' procs. (I do the same with Shadow Trance on my Warlocks.)

From what I understand, Arcane is amazing DPS, but it also sounds kinda boring, much like BM always sounded boring. Frostfire feels like it has a priority rotation, more like Survival.

I haven't seriously researched Frostfire rotation or gemming at all. In fact, I can't tell you what procs the hot streaks offhand because I honestly haven't been paying attention. It feels like the ability procs more when there are things like Ignite up on the target.

I vaguely recall that Frostfire Mages stack spellpower/crit, while Arcane Mages stack haste. I think there might be a point where a Frostfire Mage has enough crit that their ignites are always up. At that point, I might see a FFB Mage stacking haste to increase the number of FFBs that can be cast between higher priority spells.

This is, without seriously researching, what I think a FFB rotation looks like:
Scorch (unless someone else is casting a spell that does the same thing), Living Bomb (I've been using it as an extra dot even on single targets), Fireblast, FFB until Fireblast is off cooldown / living bomb needs to be recast / scorch needs to be recast. Pyroblast when Hot Streak procs.

I'm going in blind and making educated guesses based on a combination of my knowledge of OTHER classes and what little I remember from having played a Mage back in MC. (I still have my ToEP!)

So far, I'm doing ok in normal randoms.
I do more damage than the tanks.
I often top the sustained dps meter.
I go from 1600-2000dps as a level 77, that's more than a lag-blaming T9-9.5 geared warlock did on a particular Marrowgar kill. Thankfully, they're no longer in my guild.

At 80 I'll actually go research things, specs, rotation, consider attainable gear, and spec choose accordingly.

It'll be neat to see if I came close to proper rotation priority or not.

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