Sunday, March 14, 2010

Babelfish, oh how I love you.

I play on a battlegroup with a server called Warsong. This is an unoffiical Brazilian server, the result is trips into randoms with players who don't understand English. To make matters worse, these players have a reputation for being "bad" players.

So we're in a random normal on our 75 priests, it's brought up to me that the frost mage from Warsong isn't giving replenishment. I look at her talents, she has 0 points in Enduring Winter. She also has 3 unallocated talent points.

So, I decide to send her a tell and point out that she has talent points to spend.

The conversation looked like this.

19:22 [Altoholic]: You have some unallocated talent points. Gonna pick up [Enduring Winter]?
19:22 [Ammaster-Warsong]: nao falo ingles sorry
19:23 [Altoholic]: Hold on. Babelfish.
19:24 [Altoholic]: VocĂȘ tem 3 pontos unspent do talento.
19:24 [Ammaster-Warsong]: nao sei onde coloco
19:25 [Altoholic]: Enduring Winter.

Thanks to Babelfish, I know that "nao sei onde coloco" roughly means, "I don't know where to put them."

Babelfish is actually pretty horrible at translating, especially when it comes to grammar, but it's enough to penetrate the language barrier. For that reason I have it bookmarked and often open when I run randoms. If only there was a Babelfish addon for wow.

The mage placed the talent points appropriately, accepting my advice without hassle, whining, complaining, or attitude. To me, this is someone who is a good player, for that, I salute you, Oh Ammaster of Warsong.


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