Thursday, March 4, 2010

Analyzing Healadins

One of my raiders has friends in another guild, I'm talking RL friends or whatever. He has alts in that guild and raids with them on one of the alts. Guild leader of said guild is an ex-raider and friend of a Holy Paladin in some hardcore guild on another server. Said Holy Paladin believes that flash of light spec is superior and that all Paladins should use it. Of course, this idea is instilled upon GL of my raider's alts guild.

So we go into VOA25 and this guild leader and a Healadin from that guild are in the raid with me. I start to get tells after the first boss about how our healing core sucks and that I should be topping the meters (after the heavy aoe of some of the boss fights) because of my gear. This other Healadin, whose gear is not nearly as good as mine did more healing with his 'beacon the tank, heal the raid with flash of light) strategy.

During these attempts fights, I found myself struggling to keep both tanks up. The beacon had fallen off of my focus target so I didn't have my beloved redundancy safety net. In actuality, the paladin beaconed my beacon target and flashed the raid. So, I was healing his tank and mine and he was healing his tank and the raid and sniping heals from our group healers.

It pissed me off to be told that I suck because my meter numbers weren't as high, despite the fact that I was probably carrying more weight than this other paladin.

I'd use my computer being old and having low FPS as an excuse, but it's not a valid excuse. I'm usually one of the top healers and several of my top DPS top out in 25 man raids at 5fps or less.

So what was it? This other healadin was judging light, which is usually what our tankadin does. (Tankadin informed me that tanks no longer get the threat boost from light so they're judging wisdom and I should judge light.)

Judging Light = Padding the Meters.

Who was actually pulling their weight? Really.

A closer look:
Well last night the paladin (Dar) got invited to our run. He had been tanking for us the previous week but we had already had a tank on our first night so he wound up heals. Luckily I was running a World of Logs parse, which informed me that despite his gear, he beat me in healing done (and did a few percent less overhealing).

I know that I'm going to hear, through my one raider, the trash talking of Dar's guild leader who will continue to say I suck, as the numbers say so and clearly the numbers are everything.

Here's the healing done for all boss fights:

Slow is a top notch resto shaman. Tri is a resto druid with ADHD who can kick ass when push comes to shove, but will tend to slack on farm content and pick up the slack when shit gets real. Chi is a disc priest. Bacon is a lesser geared resto shaman alt who probably needs some guidance, but he isn't far behind everyone else. Most of us are shouldering equal burden. If you're wondering where the rest of the healing is? We had four shadow priests (one is a top notch holy priest who went shadow for moar deeps), some non-resto shaman, a ret, two protadins, and some blood DKs that did small amounts of healing.

But let's take a closer look at the Paladin healing:

We see two things:
First, I need to remember to Divine Sacrifice (the green outline... I should also keep sacred shield up better). That is poor performance on my part and I realize I need to stop being bad and utilize my tools. I mean, I thought to hit it but I felt that if I skipped a GCD to pop it, the tanks (or raid) would die. (My Flashes of Light and Holy Shocks were mostly on the raid not the tanks.)

More importantly: A whole 26% of this other Paladin's heals were Judgement of Light.

Compare healing done via Holy Light--I healed a million more than he did (of course we both overhealed like mad, but still.

What happens if we remove the JoL padding?
Dar: 4633901 - 1241990: 3391911
Zan: 4523016 - 19732: 4503284

What happens if we shave off the Glyph of Holy Light padding?
Dar: 3391911 - 1003275: 2388636
Zan: 4503284 - 1100705: 3402579

The real numbers show two things:
  • I shouldered more weight than Dar did... at least where it really counts--on our tanks.
  • We're both pretty close to dead last, Dar is even behind the freshmen resto shaman alt.
We're focusing a majority of our heals on one/two/three targets.
We should be dead last.

What conclusions can be drawn from this information?
  • A lot of Holy Paladin's throughput is, in the words of Pen Jillette, "bullshit!" It's not nearly as high as it looks once you actually break it down.
  • Dar's GL, should he start up with his dissing, should be succinctly informed of the facts and instructed to eat a dick.
And that's that.

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