Sunday, February 7, 2010

Must... cast... faster!

As a Paladin healer, I find myself with an urge to stack haste. Must. Cast. Faster.

Raid buffed, my itty bitty healadin sits at:
38.5k mana
2700 spellpower
53% haste (895ish from my gear and food buff (33%), 15% from judging, 5% from wrath of air totem)

The only way I can increase my mana is more gear or changing my weapon enchant from spellpower over to the wowclassic int to weapon (and I'm tempted to).

My problem is that when I'm playing, it feels like my heals just aren't fast enough. But my holy lights are coming so fast that I can't even jump and stop cast, because they'll go anyways. So I'm casting fast enough, it just doesn't feel like it.

When I'm in a boss fight, the type that are fast and furious, my heals feel like they take forever. When Naxx was the only raid content out there, I recall fighting Patchwerk and having such a sensation. I've had similar sensations on Hodir, Mimiron, Yogg, Festergut, Rotface, etc. Some of these fights feel like they take forever. Festergut has a very unforgiving enrage timer, but it feels like the fight takes forever. I keep thinking, "Is it dead yet? Oh man kill it quick." I've had similar feelings when playing toons, including non-healers, as far back as Molten Core. I recall having such feelings on the salamander bosses (where I played decurse bitch on my mage) as well as on Rags, Vael, Broodlord, Hakkar, Jindo, Mandokir, Arlokk, and Thekal.

I've figured out what it is that happens that makes me feel like everything is 'too slow'. When I'm really really focused I seem to go into a heightened state of awareness or something. It's like time slows down to a crawl and I'm thinking critically and casting each heal methodically. It's like that scene in The Matrix where Neo slows down time and dodges a bunch of bullets, but with gaming. (Humorously enough, I drive a Matrix.) A few months ago I decided to call the phenomenon my 'healer trance'. I can't really control when it happens, when I do go into it, stuff gets done something fierce.

Dear readers, do you ever experience similar states of mind when playing or does the Altoholic need to step into a sanity well?


  1. I am with ya, sometimes I find myself triple checking that I have all my Holy gear on not something from my Ret set. Then I check to make sure I judged and then I mouse over the spells to see that my cast time on my HL is still 1.3sec ... After I have done all this I check to make sure I don’t have a slow cast debuff on me.

    On the other hand I have experienced the opposite effect. We were in VoA 10 the new wing, when half the raid went down with 35% left on the boss. I went into oh shit mode, I gotta keep these 5 people up and we can finish this off. In that case, my HL seemed to be an instant cast and my mana wasn’t moving a tick below 20%, I don’t know if I was critting like mad or blowing cool downs at the perfect moments but, I was defiantly in that “healer zone”, I one healed the last 35% of that boss had 8K HPS and new PvP Legs to show for it.

  2. Just so you know:

    Different haste effects are multiplicative and not additive. You technically have ~60.6% haste assuming you're not running with a ret paladin or boomkin.


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