Friday, February 12, 2010


I'll take a moment to feed my lurkers, entertain the rest of the readers, and perhaps share some media that a majority of you are probably not familiar with.

It's been a rough but relieving week over here at the AA guild. The folks that I felt would become upset and leave if I tried to flush Ms. Lag really stepped in it Tuesday. The side of me that doesn't assume malice sees it as a miscommunication getting blown up to the extreme, but other evidence supports that this has been a long time coming. The end result was some folks leaving.

Some of the folks had been people I had considered making officers before their bad behavior started. Some of them had become pretty unreliable, passive aggressive, or petty. One of them was the person I was going to have get the primordial saronite for Shadowmourne. Some of them were recipients of our TotC25 patterns, one was given our first battered hilt. Oh well. It's only pixels.

Others were new, who I really haven't had a chance to work with. They weren't really raiding with us much. Some were on friends and family invites and weren't really briefed on issues like how we handle loot. One or two were folks whom I felt were assets and actually liked having around. They seemed pretty upset and a little hesitant about leaving (as if they were being bullied into it).

Ms. Lag left on her own accord. I booted her friend Wants to Raid and took the opportunity to reorder ranks. And with the departures, a majority of the drama has gone away. A huge weight of tiptoeing around people's feelings has been lifted from my shoulders and we can go back to being awesome again.

The old crew that founded AA, our friends that we brought in, some of the been around awhile folks whom I didn't integrate into the other team, and some of the newest members who've been watching from the sidelines in a fairly objective manner, still remain. In fact, in the middle of it all we gained a new member who'd come over to our faction to escape drama... when I'd warned him about the drama. He was still happy to be with us.

Some of the former members seemed to be lingering on the forums. I nipped that at the bud and did some maintenance, they'll get bored and move along soon enough. I've told my folks to not partake in drama, troll, or anything silly like that.

I wish them well in whatever they're doing. I'm not going to pay them any mind or any further attention. I'm too busy working, blogging, and having fun with my guild to care.

In the end, this is merely a setback, a minor one, and change for the better. In the end I haven't invested eight months of my time to give up so easily. The dust is settling and we're still standing.

My next entry is a Blog Azeroth shared topic about being a raid boss.
I wound up designing an actual boss fight, complete with reasons to support why my characters would be a raid boss as well as game-twisting mechanics and silly roleplay skits.

Stay tuned.

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