Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Title Well Earned

I usually don't use my "The Patient" title on my characters. It feels like superscrubville.

Last night, right before bed, I hit up a random dungeon on my resto druid.

There was a warlock, a rogue, a mage, myself, and a dk tank in heroic Nexus.

The warlock pulled agro and died. To my glee, he was running rankwatch and notified me that my res wasn't the right rank. (I had hit 80 in my other spec and wow didn't update my spells on the resto spec, so I'd been using downranked spells. I had fixed all of them but the res.)

The rogue died to agro and/or stupid.
The warlock repeatedly pulled agro and began to complain.

After the first boss, the tank got iceblocked and the locke got instagibbed and nerdraged more. He went on to say he had multiple tanks and how the guy should l2tank and hold agro better. I noted I had several tanks as well and suggested waiting for the tank to get threat.

The mage left group, probably sick of the raging. I queued up and we got a ret paladin.
Meanwhile, the tank ragequit and the rogue went linkdead shortly after, leaving me alone with the raging warlock and the newly added ret. I couldn't add a new tank because of the offline person preventing it.

I initiated a vote kick but it failed. The warlock cursed the tank, saying they were bad. The ret reached us. I got out of treeform and sat my healery cow ass down and told the warlock point blank that he was doin' it wrong. I told him he would have made a better impact in the other player's gameplay if he had been constructive and polite with his feedback instead of attacking. The locke continued to be a jerk, not liking that I told him he was wrong.

I initiated another vote kick to remove the warlock and this time the ret, having seen the warlock be an ass, quickly agreed and we punted him. We then punted the offline person and queued up.

The ret said to me that he agreed with the idea of giving positive constructive useful information and said that he himself had bad dps and he didn't know why, that he was on his first 80 and needed help.

I told him some spec tweaks he could do (with the ret only seal that acts as a cleave now for trash and the other seal for bosses). I told him to get some more hit (8%) and to get rid of his agi gems (why he had agi gems I don't know) in favor of strength gems and strength/hit gems (until at 8%) and then str/crit gems. I told him to stay in group after the instance was done and I'd help him more.

In the middle of my talking we got new people and went back to playing to finish the instance. There was an elemental shaman in group who had made note of me explaining ret stuff to the new ret paladin and started asking me questions too. The elemental shaman was also a new 80 and wanted to go resto but didn't feel geared enough yet. They asked me where I got this item and that item. I happily answered their questions, gave them some gemming tips, and tips about healy addons.

After the instance I scrambled to an AH while the ret was still in the group. From there I suggested (linked) which enchants to get for his gear (+hit to gloves, icewalker to boots), told him about sons of hodir and what to search the webs for to find out how to open the ebon blade faction. Suggested a meta and what gem to use to activate it. Linked him those gems along with the str/strcrit/strhit gems.

Finally, I told him about Elitist Jerks forum for gem/rotation/spec reading and sites like wowpopular to look at specs at. He thanked me and logged off for the night.

I hearthed back to Dalaran and looked at my character paperdoll, noted I had no title selected, and clicked my title dropdown. Sure enough the "The Patient" title was there, it's been there for a while, I remember turning it off. I selected it and turned it on because it felt like I actually earned the title.

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