Saturday, January 23, 2010

Silly Psychological Personality Types

I've always thought of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator as a silly fun pseudoscience not really to be taken seriously. The fact that my test results have varied wildly over the years, including getting tied scores on several occasions has definitely added to that viewpoint.

Recent observations of my guildlings indicate they don't quite understand my methods, my thinking, and why I lead and do what I do, and my timing in doing so. I began writing a post that might share some insight into what is driving me to do what I do. Some of the ideas and ethics I have as a leader would be things I'd require people who'd be formal officers to follow.

In compiling my post I went back and revisited my very first MBTI result, a result I got when I was in a 'leadership' class in high school, which was INTJ. I was one of the only introverts in the class of about 60, after all it was leadership training for class officers and club leaders.

I skimmed the wikipedia page on INTJ and noticed the Keirsey Temperament designation of "Mastermind" which immediately invoked images of Pinky and the Brain in my nerdy pop-culture flooded brain. I went and read the article and found it to be a pretty eerie resemblance.

The idea of being the reluctant leader, the person who steps up to the plate when a leader is needed and no one else will step up, has always been how I am. The mastermind's feature of taking up leadership when the current leaders are, well, doin' it wrong. My experiences in being part of WOW guilds run by others is that most leaders are doing it wrong, they make the same mistakes over and over again and ignore people saying, "Hey, don't do that, watch out for this". I tire of people making the same mistakes over and over again and that's probably why I've stepped up to the plate.

Later MBTI tests have resulted in ties of INTJ and INFJ. The difference is if someone values hard thought or personal consideration. The world is not black and white, both people and logic matter, isn't that a logical conclusion. (You see what I did there.)

More recently, I've been ESTJ and just today ENTJ. I'm like WTF Mate?

I went back and read through things again and went back and paid more attention to the INTJ article, particularly to the cognitive functions, particularly the shadow functions.

My conclusion is that I'm INTJ "Mastermind" personality, I'm currently operating as 'leader' and as part of getting the job done I operate as other personality types. I'm putting on and taking off hats as needed to. I wear the INFJ "Counselor", ENTJ "Fieldmarshal", and ESTJ "Supervisor" hats as needed.

With this theory at least it's sensible silly psudoscience.

I did see something in INTJ that reminded me of the writings of a certain goblin.
"They generally withhold strong emotion and do not like to waste time with what they consider irrational social rituals. This may cause non-INTJs to perceive them as distant and reserved."

Regardless, I may have to make my vent phonetic, "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

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