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Shared Topic - Looking Back at Wrath

This is my response to a shared topic over at Blog Azeroth, though it strays from just my feelings from the beginning of wrath and goes on to tell how things started until now.

Very long storytime!

I went into Wrath with a pirate-named guild I was completely miserable with. I'd already been thinking about quitting and secretly had some friends help me charter a guild for myself on an alt just in case I wanted to move during a bout of the now former GL treating some of our raiders badly. Said raiders transfered off the server. At the time, there were no other options, it was raid with this one late night group, transfer, or don't raid.

It was unfortunate that at the time Wrath of the Lich King dropped I was in the middle of working six weeks of mandatory overtime. I escaped from work a few hours early the night Wrath dropped to collect my copy at the midnight release.

My roommate and I were some of the first DKs out of starting zone. I didn't tell anyone in my guild who my DKs were and spent that first night hiding, not wanting my guild leader, who had called the slot as DK in the guild, to know that I had a DK. (I actually beat my GL out of the DK area.) After that first night I banished myself back to overtime and spent two more weeks working and only playing minimally.

When I got my freedom back, several players had already gotten close to or had broken 80 and were acquiring achievements from running normal runs. I was somewhat discontent to be behind and left out. I turned off achievement spam and usually had guild chat turned off on my main chat tab. I was really unhappy in the guild and didn't want to read what people were saying.

I hit 80 on my two toons in good time and the day my Paladin hit 80 some old friends I did retro raids with took me into heroics. These players were already progressing through clearing Naxx25, their healers were burnt out, and they knew I was a good player.

Funny faces were made at me from guildmates after I got heroic gimmick achievements and geared rapidly that day. These friends took me to my first Naxx10 clear, making myself be one of if not the first person in my guild to clear Naxx. These friends were much better to me than my guildmates at the time. Sadly they xfered off the server when we had bad queues.

The next week the raid leader split the raid team into two ten man teams and I got stuck with the "b team" with a slow witted older holy priest who really just wasn't very good. We got further than the other team.

I went on said guild's first Naxx10 clear and two-healed it with a holy priest the next week. We wiped several times on KT--If I got iceblocked it was a wipe. The guild transitioned into 25 mans after that and thus began the long struggle.

The GL had asked people to nominate new officers and leads for the new expansion. I wanted to be Paladin class lead but the other holy paladin was already officer so I had no chance at that--but healing lead was a possibility. But honestly I'm a bit shy and I sometimes feel I think I'm a better healer than I really am. If I figured that if I was worthy, someone else would nominate me, no one did.

We wound up with the holy priest I two-healed Naxx10 with as our lead. She was a super nice and sugary older woman from the west coast and a fairly good healing priest. A cougar and an eskank who ingratiated herself with all the male members of the core. She insisted upon things like spammy res macros that say who you're resurrecting and giving us healing assignments in a channel. These assignments were horribly spammy, hard to read, and easy to forget. I opted to not res because if folks are concerned about who is ressing who they could use a mod for that.

On Heigan she did disease removal assignments based on party (hey, we have decursive, we don't need party assignments, just hit the little boxes). It was then that I lost all respect for her as a healing lead: She gave my druid friend an assignment to remove diseases from one of the groups. The druid swore at me in tells about the stupid healing lead and I pointed out that druids couldn't remove diseases and that we have decursive. She wasn't pleased with me.

I was assigned to beacon our Ret Paladin on trash so he wouldn't kill himself with seal of blood. At the time, beacon didn't transfer heals that weren't effective. I found people were sniping heals from me on my assigned tank and the poor Ret was dying as a result. I tried to talk to the healing lead about this but she didn't understand.

Meanwhile, I'd been pugging heroics on my hunter and came across people starting another guild that had playtimes that were a little earlier but still doable. They had offered me an invite to their guild, finding me (including my quirky puns and humor) to their liking, then I told them my main was in a bigger raiding guild. The offer still stood, but they weren't counting on actually getting me.

The derpy healing lead made a post on the guild forums, saying nice happy things about some of the healers (who also secretly hated her), saying snide remarks to me about begrudging sharing heal targets with other people (not understanding my issue with the ret dying due to other healers sniping), and telling my druid friend that she doesn't understand how to utilize him and that he makes he want to rip her hair out.

I can't follow a healing lead that knows less about the healing classes and how to utilize them than I do. This woman hadn't bothered so much as to even go look at wowwiki and learn the very basics about her healers. Assigning druids to remove diseases? REALLY?!?

I tried talking out the guild leader about her calling people out on the forums, and why she was behaving poorly for a leader, but he was unreceptive, probably because she had him by the balls. I had attempted to get into vent with the healing lead and talk like adults but she didn't want to.

I decided it was time to move on and played hookie for a Malygos raid. I didn't want to log in and gquit in the middle of a raid, I just wanted to see myself out with as little impact as possible. They wiped on Maly until 5am so I didn't get to pull the trigger and logged in logged early the next morning before work, looked around, saw five people online, most of whom I didn't know, and in and quoted Jerry Seinfeld, "But I don't want to be a pirate!" /gquit.

My druid friend gquit later that evening. Our former GL tried to get us to come back by trash talking me behind my back to the druid. He called me a "maverick" which I turned into a meme.

We began life in a new guild, the one who had opened an invite to me earlier. I did this against my gut feeling that said to go start my own guild. I figured I'd try being an Indian some more.


The new guild started out great, I made a lot of new friends, but eventually a girl returned to the server who was a level 70 holy paladin. She began trying to get all the tanks to help her level. She wanted to raid as holy despite us having three holy paladins already.

She made drama when my tank refused to help her and then when my GL broke up with his GF she started to e-date him and my tank was driven out of the guild by the guild leader. The e-skank was level 79.

My tank and I had made connections across the game, friends in top raiding guilds across the server. We did spend time hanging out with those outside friends too so the tank's moving on wasn't entirely detrimental. Those external friends would come in very handy later.

We started Ulduar on a low note, the person I enjoyed playing with and healing was gone, but I kept it together and healed my assigned tank on Razorscale but my heart wasn't in it.

My computer was somewhat laggy so I moved myself away from the rest of the raid to reduce the chance that I'd die to fire, and despite my tank being the last to die I was confronted by the guild leader about my "poor performance".

He was using his meter to look at how healers did. I'm fairly sure that my hanging out somewhat farther away from the rest of the group made me appear lower on the meters just by being out of range. He claimed I was inactive during the fights for long periods of time when in actuality I didn't stop casting the entire time I was up. (I even got complimented from the guest tank for doing an amazing job.)

He said I didn't cast as many flashes of light as the other paladins.
I told him that I use holy light and holy shock more than I use flashes of light and that he should probably use an online log parser instead of meters like World of Logs or WWS, as they're more accurate.

I was gkicked for not casting enough flashes of light. I said, "Sorry it didn't work out.", took a screenshot of our conversation and posted it.

I logged out of my character, onto an alt, powered up my other account, made an alt, transfered gl of my own guild to the alt, logged back to my main, ginvited myself, made myself leader. My druid buddy followed later, and the e-skank hit 80 and quickly replaced me.

Over the following days I got many tells from friends asking why I wasn't in guild anymore, and why my tank wasn't, and what was going on. I told no stories, I just gave them a link to see what happened and what was said. The general response was, "omg, what a jerk!"

The guild leader quit the game / guild a short while later and passed lead to an easily-worked up junior officer and in the week that followed my removal the guild bled out. The e-skank pillaged the guildbank on the way out.


My tank, the druid, and I embarked on our own journey. It was time for us to go our own way. The two have been amazing assets to the team. We began to collect new people and our tiny guild began to grow, I started setting up open Naxx10 runs. Our friends from top guilds clearing Ulduar already came along with us on our early runs.

It was about this time that an old friend from BC returned to the game. He had gotten me to co-lead 25 man open raids in BC on the server, this had been fairly successful. He was good at finding people so he got onboard. He had the confidence I didn't, to go out there and ask people, strangers, spam trade, and do things I don't feel comfortable with.

I started up a Naxx25 open raid that ran for a few weeks, he slowly began to help with recruiting. (He invited the eskank that had gotten involved with my previous guild which others didn't like at all, I politely asked her to leave.)

People didn't like the priest, who tried to be raid leader while yelling and being a jerk. The people who were regulars told me privately they didn't want to raid if he was leading. The priest was a good person deep down but was acting like a jerk and everyone, even his best friend, agreed.

He got further and further out of control. He became pretty abusive to me in tells, and I told him the kindest way possible that he needed to get help for his RL problems, that I knew there was a good person deep inside, and that he needed to find that person... then I booted him and stopped talking to him.

Reardless, he left us messages of positive support in our recruitment thread, and has since contacted me and told me how he took my advice, turned his life around, and is moving in a positive direction, that in the end I had been a positive influence in his life. He thanked me, for being a friend, for being patient of his badside and seeing his good side. It meant a lot.

We pushed on and acquired a lot of interesting personalities, some grew to be assets, others grew to be obnoxious, some went their separate ways, a few ex-members trash-talk us behind our backs.

We cleared Ulduar10.
We cleared TotC10, ran pugs for TotC25.
Now we're in Icecrown25 working on Lady D.

We may just hit critical mass and succeed.

And maybe, just maybe, with Cataclysm will come us starting on time and giving other groups and our critics a run for their money. Maybe...

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  1. Nice positive ending :)

    I've met many a teehee girl (though e-skank sounds much more fun) and obnoxious people and raid leaders who just didn't know what they were doing.

    Have given up trying to find a home now, I truly think the only place I'd be comfortable these days is in a casual guild, or in a guild made by myself and friends. Problem is, now's a bad time to make a guild, and my server is always a bad place to make a guild.

    By the way, recommend you go back and get Yogg down on 10 man, purely because I know you'll all feel amazing for doing it as it is a pretty hard encounter. Nothing better in this game than the feeling you get after downing something hard :D



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