Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Out of the fryingpan into the fail... kinda.

With great reluctance and immense stage fright, I herded 20+ members of AA, Altoholics, Not-So-Altoholics, Friends and Family and a few fillins into ICC25 for our first official 25 man raid.

We were missing three strong DPS.
  • One's net has been FUBAR. It should be fixed in a few days.
  • One's traveling and won't be back for a few more days.
  • One got deployed or shipped off to bootcamp suddenly.

After throwing ourselves at Marrowgar once to get a grip on the mechanics we did manage to hand him his ass with minimal casualties.

We then made four attempts on Lady Deathwhisper. There was a lot of downtime inbetween fights as I was trying to analyze and troubleshoot what to do next. I'm working towards reducing that downtime.

The farthest we got her was into Phase 2.

I called it, instructed everyone to do their homework, go watch a tankspot video, whatever so we can skull-fuck her when we resume.

At the end one of our guests, a friend of one of our new members' girlfriend, who had a highly distorted microphone, told us point blank that our DPS sucked. Our comic relief druid informed him that his mic sucked. The guildlings snickered and made light of the inappropriate comment in /g, which of course upset new member's girlfriend (thinking it was drama) which upset new member. I told everyone to cool it and let it go.

I spoke privately with him and let him know that such behavior was not appropriate conduct. He did give an apology, said that being nice about things never got anyone anywhere, that sometimes things need to be said and he didn't want to call anyone out. He did express respect for my patience and willingness to herd 25 people and did thank us for having him, but that some of our folks may want to get back to the basics and refresh their knowledge of their respective classes.

If anything, it's my fault for not expressing proper code of conduct to guests before we begin.

Maybe the comment will light fires under a few asses, though our native Lady of Lag (henceforth referred to as LoL) parroted agreement with the comment in /g from her rogue alt who, like her main, often does less dps than the tanks.

All things considered, it didn't go too badly.

  • For deathwhisper I need to do better healing assignments.
  • Melee dps was laying into the Adherents before the prot paladins could grab them and were getting roflstomped.
  • Setting up main assists for each side for melee and range would be good.
  • Starting everyone full throttle on the boss with a blood lust to start may help us get through the shield faster may greatly increase our chances of success. Why start people on the boss?
  • This would let the tanks call for DPS as needed when they have control of the mobs so people don't get roflstomped.
  • Tanks clearly communicating stuff like "Melee to left" "Range to back" "Range to right" may also reduce roflstomping. Even better. "Melee on Square, left" "Range on Circle, right."
  • I forget who go on Fanatics and who go on Adherents every frecking time. Assigning leaders for people to assist off of may make this easier, as the leaders only have to remember "Kill Adherents" and everyone assigned to assist off of them go, "Kill whatever Leader is killing".

I think we'll do ok once we get the execution right.

Agro at Lag
We did wind up going in to finish the ICC10 from last week. LoL was there and very patronizingly explained the fights to the few people who were filling in for those that were absent. One of the two people filling in was me, the other was the alt of our MT. We know the fights. We're only the raid leader and the tank. >:(

The LoL was doing poorly on one of her alts so our raider of that class attempted to help her out. The end result was one very discouraged A Team raider.

Mr. Raider suggested she go do some reading at places like Elitist Jerks, you know, to learn a bit more about her class. LoL vehemently refuses to research or learn about her classes, she's got five eighties, four on hordeside, and is working on a sixth. :/

She has an excuse for every poor performance.
Her most recent? Her time of the month.

The last excuse pisses me off, being a female gamer, I frown upon others using their gender issues as an excuse to suck. For fucks' sake! Take a Midol and suck it up princess.

Several of our raiders have endured much worse because of their passion and dedication towards the team. Going "Baaaaaaaw I have girlycramps!" is a real slap in the face to them.
  • One of our female raiders, a near 100% attender healer, has something wrong with her brain and very quietly doesn't suck while fending off killer migraines from hell.
  • One of our male raiders, another near 100% attender dps with offtank offset, raided on two different occasions, TotC25 and offtanked ICC10, despite being sick. I'm talking about bleeding out the face and having to go worship the porcelain god due to some sort of flu or food poisoning or something.
I've got several other tales of dedication, the point is the people in the guild have shit ton of dedication and really deserve a bit more respect.

Lag because of a bad computer? I raid at 4FPS on an 8 year old computer. I can still get out of the stupid and carry my own weight to some extent. My hunter alt, with gear that's not as good as hers, can go neck and neck with her in a raid, switch targets when I need to, etc... and I'm still beating myself up for sucking on him.

When LoL blamed gear, I pointed out that Gevlon cleared Ulduar in blues, she responded that she wasn't that hardcore. I think she has something going on in her head, an aversion to putting effort into not sucking, or rising above mediocrity. Perhaps she got bullied by M&Ses in school and she fell into their mindset, desperate to fit in. At this point I'm not sure if I should try to break this mentality or if I should just throw in the towel on trying.

I honestly truly believe every single member of AA reasonably bright, if they were outright fucking morons I wouldn't have /ginvited them, or I would have already booted them. I know they're all capable of doing really well. I know that if they put their minds to it, they can accomplish great things.

I think there just needs to be a little cat herding in that direction.

While it's the LoL's prerogative, her 15 dollars a month, to not learn to play, it's everyone else's 360 dollars a month. If she isn't willing to allocate enough respect for others time to go learn the basics of class then she needs to not use my auto-invite to invite herself to raids and leave the spot for someone who does respect others and care.

The more we progress, the more interest we're going to get, the less we're going to have to carry people who don't care. It's only a matter of time before someone who cares enough to earn that raid spot comes along, and I'm going to give it to that newcomer.


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  1. ugh...Lag. I get about 2FPS in 25 mans. I can get about 7fps if I turn off every one of my mods. It is for this reason I don't do 25mans. Because I'm not awesome enough to still raid successfully not being able to see/move. I usually preface everything with "I suck, but..." and let ppl decide from there. WMMA and I just recently joined a guild (for him it's rejoining an old guild who is under new management) and this is the first ACTUAL guild I have been far so good.


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