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More Pug Booting

And now, I give you the tale of two pugs... booted.
Warning: This article contains the word 'bitch', if you are offended by said word do not read this article.

The DPS Warrior in HFoS
HFoS - I accidentally queued us up for a random heroic instead of normal FoS and wound up in HFoS on my tiny DK tank. I'm trying to get a happy ball on a stick. The character has an average iLevel of 211, gear isn't great but is good enough for most heroics, and I wouldn't have gotten HFoS if WOW's internal gear thing didn't think I had enough gear / experience.

Immediately the warrior starts in with a "pfft good luck holding agro over me" type of dealio. In the first two pulls or so, you know the ones with the four or five casters that don't all like to come together and are not terribly easy to round up for AOE tanking? He runs into those and pulls agro before I've managed to round them all up. I taunt and grab things as I can, he winds up attacking a target that I wasn't attacking (assist fail) and died.

The warrior complained and told me to go DPS and he'd tank. I told him I didn't have a DPS spec. He told me to go get one. Myself or my guildlings told him to learn to assist. As we ran back I inspected him and noted his TotC25 weapon and asked how much he paid for it. He can't really be a raider, he lacks the discipline. He's probably in triumph welfare epics and went to a GDKP run or something.

I did go on a little rant about DPS warriors because it seems every DPS warrior except for the ones in my guild have the same problem: Charge in and aoe. Die. Complain about how my character isn't geared enough (most heroics are designed for people in blues). Demand I DPS because they lack discipline.

I go to make another pull and he runs in and aoes, gets agro on things, and I decide not to pick them up immediately. I was content on letting him die but hte healer healed him, got agro, got gibbed, and we wiped.

The healer left and the douche warrior wound up party lead. He refused to queue us for a new healer until I changed to a DPS spec or left or something. He was holding the party hostage, trying to force us to submit to his bad self. We had six minutes left before we could vote kick.

I told him, "I have all night."

He said he'd go out and farm/do dailies while we were waiting for me to submit to his whims and ported out. Apparently when you port out you lose your immunity to vote-kicking and I called for a vote kick. It passed. I got lead, queued us up, we got a new healer and DPS and the rest of the run was smooth.

I got screenshots of this and have considered sending it to Gevlon for his mean guy of the week thing but I think my rhetorical grumbling about DPS warriors lacking tank respect would be considered a no-no to his rules for the thing.

The rogue who cried bitch!
So my guildlings wanted to run TotC25 last night, so cats were herded internally and a few pugs from elsewhere were herded and we threw it together.

There was a rogue one of our new recruits swore was horrible, the new recruit being an ex-guildmate of this guy. A rogue who refused to kick in a 10 man with us on The Twin Vs.

For whatever reason we kept him, I think some of his other guildmates were good and the folks who put the run together thought if we booted him the rest of his guildlings would go and then we'd have to find more DPS. Pugging DPS isn't hard, but doing so at 1am can be challenging.

I was thrown leader, explained the usual things, and he kept complaining. Wanting to go go go, give him buffs, blah blah blah. He managed to piss off several of the natives but for the most part we paid it no mind and went about killing bosses and looting epics.

We got to Anub, did our thing, and wiped at about 3% to an enrage. The trouble rogue wasn't switching targets when I called everyone to switch. I said, "If you're still on the boss you're wrong. You, _, get on the adds." He responded with, "I'm _, I'm never wrong."

We had lost a few people to the stupid, which hurt our DPS, which in turn made it so we couldn't down the boss. I did my usual, "Let's do it again with feeling this time.. and less dying to stupid."

This rogue then sent me a tell to tell me how his guild does it. He said we shoud bloodlust before the submerge... This made little sense to me because if you blow bloodlust three seconds before he goes under and there's not enough deeps on him to take him into P3 then you waste your BL.

I questioned this suggestion and he called me a bitch then went on to tell me that I shouldn't argue with him and so on. Meanwhile everyone else is pestering me to pull. I pull up my handy WIM log and copy-paste what he said in guild.

Now, I can go from zero to bitch in .5 seconds but I wasn't really trying to be a bitch to the guy to begin with. His suggestion seemed illogical and I was like, "Dude, wha?" If I was being a bitch to him, he'd know it.

The AA were pretty pissed at him speaking to me that way and wanted to boot him, said we could 24 man it. I said no, that booting him would make his guildmates leave pissed, and I just wanted to get the boss done.

I had an idea. I gave every member of AA assist in the raid and gave instructions: Boot him at 1%. I'm master looter so he can't ninja things.

We pulled, people didn't die to the stupid, at 1% someone booted him, the boss died, and I get a tell from him. He's saying stuff like, "Really? Wow." I responded with, "You wanted a bitch? You got one." The tells actually lead me to believe that he was amused by the booting and laughing.

Someone said we used him to kill the boss and booted him and asked why. I said that he called me a bitch in tells, and while I can be a bitch, I wasn't being one at the time. The rogue started talking in vent so I kickbanned him and distributed loot to the rightful winners regardless of guild tag.

By the time I was done with loot an officer from the guild was talking to me about him. She said he and one other were their guild's troublemakers, asked how they behaved and if they caused any trouble. I reported the shaman was well behaved but the rogue was misbehaving, but I dealt with it and could send her the log.

As it turns out, the officer had run with us in ICC25 on her alt hunter and had a positive experience. I told her he called me a bitch in tells, that it upset my guildlings, and that I allowed them to boot him. I told her it was a dick move but that he wanted a bitch so I gave him one. The consensus I got back was that it was a suitable (and kinda comedic) consequence for his behavior.

The rogue gave me an apology. The officer probably forced him it out of him. I accepted the apology and agreed to let bygones be bygones. I said, "Nice to meet you. Perhaps we'll meet again under better circumstances" and we went our separate ways.

I feel somewhat bad and immature for having him booted, but I really try hard to be nice, patient and respectful to everyone. My guildlings tell me that they think some people don't respect me and take advantage of my niceness. Sometimes actions yield consequences and sometimes one needs to put their foot down, and this may be an episode that rogue never forgets.

There has been no forum drama, so, all is well.

Let's talk about 'bitch', shall we?
The word "bitch" seems to be the word people fall back on whenever they're dealing with an assertive female in a leadership position. A "bitch" is strong and willful, not some submissive girlygirl with no backbone.

This is part of why I often pretend to be a guy:
A guy leading is a strong figure worthy of respect, a man's man.
A girl leading is a filthy bitch.

I wasn't terribly offended at being called a bitch, in fact it's a bit of a compliment, but I was annoyed he assumed I was being a bitch just because I wasn't agreeing with him.

I released my real inner bitch and after I did it I wanted to just blurt out "The bitch is back!"

Hopefully the message that I do have limits to what I'll put up with got across.

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  1. As a DPS warrior, granted not a raiding one, I can honestly say, that yes we are all aoe damagae monsters. I try to be mindful of overthreating tertiary targets (unless of course I know the healer), but it happens. And if you're not mindful of your third cleave target, or god forbid ww or lolstorm you end up dead with a mad pug. And rightly so.

    The problem with pugs now, it seems, is that the DPS aren't willing to accept that it's their job to throttle their dps in line with the tank's threat. In my world, if the DPS dies because they pulled threat, it's no one's fault but their own.


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