Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chronicles of the Tiny Tank

I'm still working on gearing out my tiny DK for tanking.

I got to tank a Totc10 for my guild, where we were trying to get a few people who could use the upgrades in to the raid so they can get them. We attempted to bring one 'baby tank' to each raid to tank beside one of our main tanks. I decided to save my main for a later run that night (which wound up not happening).

I took a spike on the first boss of Northrend Beasts and hit my oh-shit buttons. I worried that my gear wasn't enough but I did wind up surviving and we downed Beasts.

I handled the adds on Lord J, which was mostly easy except for one of the infernal volcanoes which I had trouble rounding them all up. No one died, so it's all good.

The faction champs were interesting, we had a horrible combination, one that would cockblock us back when we were trying it in 10 mans with our first team. But with three DKs we wound up turning out ok. I tried my hardest to keep the ret paladin and the warrior controlled. My taunts were on cooldown the entire time.

The twins went fine, a few of us got the salt and pepper achievement (the others already had it).

I handled the adds on Anub and it went without a hitch except for one of the DKs blew their army of the dead and it taunted one of adds which proceeded to go underground. We hit phase 3 and I decided if I couldn't beat them I should join them. My army dealt with the add when it came back up and we killed the boss.

I got boots and a nice weapon.

Hit a random heroic after that and wound up tanking for two horrible mages in some raiding guild from Warsong (a server which seems to be the unofficial Brazilian server). It went far less smoothly than the hour TotC10 I tanked. The first pull happened and the mages opened up before I could gather all the mobs solidly. One of them screamed at me and told me to turn frost presence on (it was).

Warsong has a few strong progression guilds but most players from Warsong I've met are horrible in both play and attitude. They're hotshot dps who do not display discipline that would be expected from good raiders. Oddly enough, the hotshot bads usually come from lower ranked raiding guilds, while the few people from Warsong's top 3 guilds have been amazingly polite and demonstrated proper raid discipline. All I can figure is the hotshots are wannabes that want to prove themselves, people that couldn't cut it for the top guilds so they're angry and bitter and in a lesser guild. It might have been their attitudes.

The mages wound up dying a lot, if they pulled something instead of me I let them die they taunted the mobs back before they killed the healer. If they were single target attacking the wrong target, I let them get beaten on by that target.

Counter to this, I wound up in a heroic HoL last night with a group of raiders from assorted servers. The DPS was wonderful, the instance was cleared in record time, agro pulling from others was minimal, I pulled a pack and the first boss at the same time after the healer gave me a go-ahead. Our healer? It was a druid in some sort of caster gear. The healer a moonkin and helped DPS when heals weren't needed. I definitely want to tank more groups like this.

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