Friday, January 29, 2010

Altoholic's Pug Raid Loot Systems

I've used a few different loot system variations with my pug raids.

How Altoholic Handles...

People are allowed to acquire BOEs for their main spec only. If there is no one who needs the items, they go into the raid bank. Banked items are not sold but are given out for free to people who can use them later on regardless of guild tag.

If you're a cool, nice, skilled but ungeared person and you happen to wind up grouped with Altoholic or associates, you might find yourself being handed phat loot just because you deserve a reward for being awesome.

One recipient of such sharing was later revealed to be the alt of a guild leader on the server US-Misha who thanked us for our help and offered to pay us back, which I declined. In return, he offered an open ended invite to his guild, which I won't take because I love my server and my guild, but telling someone they're always welcome in your home is kind and meaningfulgesture. The player was a resto druid in blues and greens, a fresh 80, healed me through a timed HCoS run without issue. This was before the new LFG system and easy triumph badges.

While watching them, I noticed them do things that indicate a smart, good player. A lot of them were little things that I'm not sure most players would notice. I noticed them because I have a resto druid as well as everything else, and I do the same things he was doing. An example of the things this player was doing was they stood with me in the consecrate during the gauntlet so the healing agro from their hots would just bring the mobs to me. It's common sense, but common sense isn't very common, and sometimes it separates a moron from a good player.

All the items given had been sitting in the raid bank for several months, they could have rotted there longer or they could have been used to really make someone's day. In the end, our random acts of kindness may wind up inspiring others to do the same.

Enchanting Materials:
Enchanting Materials go to the raid bank. The raid bank provides enchants to participants in raids who have won loot. This is considered payment for services rendered.

We also offer free rare quality gems to go in said gear. We'd offer epic but we don't have huge supplies. We will trade an epic for an eternal of the type required to transmute rare to epic if we have an epic gem in stock.

People respond very positively to this, a lot of them are like, "Wow. That's really generous."

It's a good boost to reputation.

As usual, we don't sell enchanting mats gained from raids.

Patterns are open rolled but must be learned immediately. If no one can learn a pattern it goes in the raid bank and will be given to someone who can learn it. These are not sold.

Other Things:
Crusader Orbs, Runed Orbs, etc are opened for random rolls when I'm in open groups. If it's a mostly internal group we simply bank them. If the items are banked they're used to craft people gear... for free.

"Loot System" - Carriers and Soaks
One of the loot systems I employ uses /random 100 with main spec coming before offspec, with a few exceptions.

  • You are considered the spec you are invited as with a few exceptions.
  • In essence, if you are invited as DPS and you try to roll against tanks on tank loot claiming your main spec is tank isn't acceptable.
  • The exception is if someone who wants to come as DPS to get gear for their offset and we ask them to run their main spec (tank/heals) to make the raid work.
  • If you're running as an offset, that set is considered your main set and you won't be able to roll against main set healers against healing loots if you're DPS. People have to choose wisely.

There are people who need gear. They wind up soaking it up, possibly winning many items in one run and getting geared out pretty fast.

There are raiders who have almost everything and are just coming along to get that one special piece they really want. These people are carrying the raid and we appreciate them a lot. I welcome them to express to me that they're in the raid for a particular item they really really want.

If it drops, I ask the people who have been soaking to graciously pass the item to the carrier. Typically they do and the people who are helping carry the raid have a really good shot at that item they really want (though sometimes more than one carrier wants something, but a 50% chance is better than a 10% chance).

Everyone gets what they want. Everyone's happy. The system works.

The biggest downside is that sometimes someone might get lucky and get more stuff than others.

"Loot System" - Categorized Loots
I use a loot system for TotC25 that splits loot into categories and operates under more of a 'one phat loot' type of style... with a big of luck.

Unlike a normal one phat loot, it's possible to win more than once and you don't screw yourself out of that awesome trinket or weapon that drops later in the instance if you take something that's only good for you and would otherwise just be sharded.

The Loot Categories are:
[Armor] - Armor and Armor Tokens, Shields, Offhands.
[Weapons] - Weapons, wands, maces, etc.
[Bling] - Rings, Necklaces, Trinkets, Cloaks

You roll 100.
When you win an item of that category you reduce your roll by X number.
I chose 25, so if you've won something you roll out of 75. Then 50. Then 25. If you've won four items of a category type you can't roll anymore on that. :p

It's possible to beat other people out with a roll of 75 if everyone rolls real low (bad luck) and you don't.

You can win a weapon, a ring, and a piece of armor before you reduce your rolls.

The advantage of doing this instead of "one phat loot" makes it so people who've already won something don't just leave because they have no hope of getting anything else.

Other Rules:
In both systems, the loot master has final say on everything. This assures that people get loot that's good for them. No spirit for paladins unless no one else wants it, no expertise for hunters, etc.

Trying to sell loot to others will result in removal/blacklisting.

People who cause loot drama typically aren't invited back. If someone is a jackass, they may forefit their right to loot.

In some cases, I may demand certain things for people to be eligible for loot, but they're pretty rare and exist to motivate people to do things like prevent a wipe.

"No vent no loot." "If you don't kick on faction champions you get no loot." "If you die to the stupid, no loot."

Good luck and happy raiding.

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