Friday, January 29, 2010

Altoholic's Guide to giving someone "The Talk"

So you just got out of running a PUG raid... and there was this guy or girl with crap that isn't gemmed or enchanted. He or she won an item that would have been great for one of your regulars and the regulars are pretty upset.

You gave it to them because you follow through with your loot rules. The person seems nice enough but they haven't got a clue. You've decided to try talking to them, that they just mind wind up being ok if someone actually pointed them in the right direction.

You've got your clue-by-four clenched in your fist.
You send them a tell.

The Approach:
Approach the clueless person with a "Can I help you with these problems you're having" approach rather than attacking them. If someone feels they're being attacked they're going to put up a defensive wall and not listen (and thusly continue to be bad).

Do: Hey, I saw you were having some trouble with the raid today, could I talk to you about it and see if I can't help you out?
Don't: You really sucked in raid. L2Enchant your gear, scrub.

Private Help:
Sit down and camly talk to the person, privately. No shaming, no insults. Just helping and explaining.

Pay close attention to their responses, if they're like "fuck you, it's my 15 dollars, rar" don't bother. If the person is actually open to information, they're worth spending time and resources on.

If they don't have gems/enchants, encourage them to get them. I often sit down and provide rare gems for people. I have 100+ of each type of rare gem and tons of enchanting mats laying around gathering dust.

Ask them questions: Are you hit capped?
If they say they don't know, tell them what the cap is. Tell them if they're not at cap they should get some stuff (ench/gems) targeted towards hit.

Offer them gem/enchant/spec advice or ask someone in your circle of friends who's good at the class to come down and calmly help you.

Help them with spec/rotation/etc. Tell them about resources and tools that can help them better their gameplay. (Elitist Jerks, class blogs, tankspot videos, power auras, dbm, decursive, etc.)

Do a before and after on a target dummy. Praise an immediate improvement.

Once you've put them on the right track, leave them with a few thoughts.

The Language of Gear:
Use conflict resluiton speech and tell them they should keep their gear gemmed and enchanted.

Say, "when you don't do ___ it makes people feel like ____, and this upsets them."

You can check out this blog entry for a way of how to explain how people feel when others don't enchant their stuff.

In Closing:
Congratulations. You've just put a clueless player that may have been considered on the path to being a good raider.

In a few months you might just find the person you helped having a great time raiding because you were willing to spend a little time to point them in the right direction.


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