Monday, December 14, 2009

When ignore fails...

The AA guild has taken over a corner of the north bank in Dalaran around one of the benches. It's not uncommon for our members to be found lingering in that general area. It was late and I sat on the bench on my hunter, alt-tabbed over to my Paladin. I got daring and listed myself as "tank" "healer" "leader" and threw myself into the random heroic queue and got Oculus (FML!). One of our tanks and a disc priest that runs with us sometimes were there with me to witness what unfolded.

An alt of my former guild leader (whose guild I am now in direct competition with) and some other person in another guild were talking about their guild related stuff. Said former colleague commented about how they hadn't cleared the first wing of ICC25 yet because he'd /gkicked a bunch of people. Jokes were made at my expense for leading pug raids and that I might 'pick up' the people that got /gkicked.

I usually have his alts on ignore, I just happened to overlook that one alt on my one alt. He sat there and talked crap and threw flares and volleys at my character, who sat idly on the bench. I gave no response or reaction, give him no satisfaction, and I told the friends sitting there onlooking to do the same. So we sat there, above it all, minding our own business.

Eventually I tired of the unentertaining ego-blabber flooding my screen (at least trade is entertaining) and slapped ignores on the annoyances. After finishing my OC run (FML!) I hopped on out and spent a few moments pondering.

I realized: This former leader of mine has forgotten his own roots. He used to be a bench warmer for a large, very progressed, raiding guild on that server. One that everyone made fun of behind his back. He got started leading pug Karazhans and eventually made his own guild. He even had his own channel for raids, "raidleadersnamekara" or something. I joined his raid when they were struggling (and having to pug a few) to do T5 content, as in the first week I was there, they only ran Kara. They had to pug people in for T5 stuff.

Maybe I will bottom feed and take in a few of those people who got gkicked (or more likely exodused because they got sick of the crap) and finally inflate my team to be large enough for 25 mans. Maybe in doing so we could surpass this other guild in progression. Wouldn't that be ironic?

He can talk shit about me in public all he wants. My team has fucking amazing PR.

He gkicks people, treats them like dirt and uses them to better his own gear and ego. He lacks basic understanding of his class, trash talks ex-members in raid--he did it when I was there, he probably does it about me too. If they take guests to their runs they make up rules on the spot to deny outsiders gear.

My guild, on the other hand, works with people, gears them, teaches them, turns non-raiders into raiders, operate fairly, gem and enchant all gear won on our runs. We don't yell, or scream, and aren't terribly destructively negative (unless I'm exclaiming how much I suck at healing TotGC). We don't trash talk ex-members, especially not during raids, we welcome anyone to our raids regardless of guild so long as they're not douchebags. (We have alts from other raiding guilds, including the one the ex-GL was a bench warmer for and alts from ex-GL's guild, attending our runs.)

Those players he /gkicked will be fanning out to other guilds, probably spreading the bad word. Meanwhile, the players we've helped fan out to other guilds, spreading the good word.

When progression becomes equal, who will stand strong and who will fall?

There's a reason why my personal mantra is, "Never ever underestimate me."

PS: My DKs are now 79.

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  1. Awhile back Arty had some issues with a raiding guild that he belonged. They were a raiding guild and they had strict raiding rules. (Must attend raids x amount of days a week) Their raids were at 7pm Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, then sometime during the afternoon on Sundays. Not only did they require their players to attend a certain amount of raids (which I had a problem with considering their raids were imposing on the time that he spent with me and our daughter, and also that we had no way to go out and DO something Friday/Saturday nights). In addition to that their members were not allowed to pug anything outside the guild, regardless if it was an alt that wasn't raiding with the guild that week. (I think this rule also applied to dungeons as well, but I'm not positive)

    I know that being a guild leader and a hardcore player is intense, but is it really necessary to threaten to /gkick someone because they missed raid coz their kid was sick? In the end, he almost lost his RL family because he was afraid of being /gkicked by his in-game boss who a lot of the guildmates talked about behind his/her back (was a husband/wife combo GL) I'm still confused as to why people follow guild leaders like sheep when they're hating having to adhere to that person's whims regardless of the personal cost. JMO -- I guess being a casual player means I lack understanding of the guild dynamic. We now have our own small non-raiding friends and family guild who partners with another group and a few pugs for raids.

    If he says he's taking the night off, INBD. His raid mates know me as someone other than the woman screaming at Arty on vent for not getting off the !@#$%^ing game. They know he has a family and that sh*t happens and he isn't penalized for having a life outside the guild.


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