Monday, December 21, 2009

Twin Tanks go!

My tiny DKs are now all grown up and on the path to their career as tankytypes.

My first instance tanked was a non-heroic Forge of Souls.
I had a killer hard time holding agro, partially because of inexperience / gear, and partially because the other players failed at the basic idea of attacking the target that the tank is building threat on.

I didn't get vote-kicked and didn't die to the stupid. I got a 219 chestpiece and less than optimal 219 boots (block boots, bah). My plan at this point is to farm Forge of Souls until I have two tanky weapons off the first boss.

Trimph-badge wise I'll probably go straight for t9 shoulders, helm, gloves, boots, and chest. I may collect trimph badges on alts periodically to get enough crusader orbs (I think I threw 5 in the guild bank) to make a nice tanky chestpiece and bracers.

I've been told the tanking will smooth out once I have better gear. I'm hoping that's the case.

One of my guildmates was picking my brain about alting last night. He asked me what I was going to level next, or if I was planning on leveling anything, and if I level my alts for the sake of making money from them as they level.

I told him if I level any more of my alts, it'll probably be for the sake of being able to pick up Cataclysm level professions, that for now I'm going to focus on the six eighties I already have, mastering them, and getting them respectable before I create any more feeps to distract myself with.

When I do decide to level things, I have four immediate choices:
Rogue or Warrior with Priest or Mage.

With one more level, the mage can make portals, so I may push that one level out just for the sake of transportation.

The rogue is my leatherworker and could benefit from being higher level and leveling her skinning.

The warrior's my blacksmith but I have no real reason to level her, she's maxed out with her professions... though tanks are in need and I don't think this is changing any time soon. I'll likely have an easier time getting instant queues for stuff on this character than others.

My priest was one of my main focus characters in BC behind my hunter and paladin, she along with my warrior were my mains for the first half of BC. My dedication to the healing side of the game makes me feel inclined to level and play this character so I am up to date on the healing side of priests. I can't really be an insane multi-class grasping healy-person without actually brushing up on my priesting.

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