Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tales of the Baby Tank: Part 1

So far, my general experiences on my death knight tank, aside from being grouped with guild, have been absolutely horrible. It's no wonder why tanks are in such short supply: Gearing one up without the support of a group of friends willing to help you go through heroics-n-stuff is amazingly terrible.

I'm pretty discouraged, I don't even have my first piece of tier gear yet.

Unlike players who have been 80 for a while, my character is a fresh 80. I do not vastly outgear the instances I'm running. This requires people to not suck and play intelligently.

I've gone so far as to make a generic and very snarky macro of assholism for the sake of tanking.
The macro pretty much says that my character is a new tank and that people should utilize basic wow skills and do things like wait for mobs to reach the tank before doing AOE and assisting off of the tank for kill targets. Snarky macro also includes a 'you spank it you tank it' clause and encourages the healer to not heal people who pull agro of their own stupid (aoeing before the mobs reach the tank).

My observations so far:
  • Groups of people want to go go go. They're in a rush. I don't like this. As a tank or healer, I'm tanking / healing until combat ends. I'd like to loot.
  • People DPS before the tank has agro.
  • People DPS before the mobs reach the tank, regardless of the layout of the pulls and their difficulty. (Some of the early FoS pulls are obnxoious.)
  • People get pissed off if they die because of DPSing before the tank has agro.
  • Overzealous DPS of the plate variety (warriors, mostly) snottily ask if I have a DPS spec the first time they die from whirlwinding before I have agro established. (They assume incompetence on my part, when it's actually .)
  • A majority of rogues don't know what Tricks of the Trade is.
  • Hunters seem to have lost their Misdirect button.
  • It's hard to turn off growl.
  • Paladins seem to fail at having Pallypower and buff reagents. If I get a 10 minute buff without good reason, I'm going to want to votekick. I actually ran into a Paladin who REFUSED to buff when I was on my healadin. They didn't get heals. :)
I'm hoping that while my character is in blues that people realize that I'm communicating properly with the language of gear. (I haven't been vote-kicked yet, so I think it's understood.) Every piece of gear I have is gemmed and enchanted appropriately. The only thing I'm missing is the epic bop JC gems, I need to do one more JC daily before I have the pattern I need, though putting them in my blues is silly, gonna hold off for some happy tier.
  • I'm raid defense capped.
  • I've got a decent spec.
  • I've got decent glyphs.
  • I'm using the correct gems.
  • I'm using rare gems in rare gear.
  • I'm using epic gems in epic gear.
  • My gear is enchanted appropriately.
  • I have a rare quality leg armor kit on my crafted rare pants.
  • I have helm and shoulder enchants.
I'm told tanking will get easier as I get more gear, but getting started as a tank sucks without friends.

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