Saturday, December 19, 2009

Of Authenticators, Icecrown, and Altoholic Advantages


Back in mid BC I had two of my raiders, officers no less, get hacked. They were real life roommates, they did share their accounts and computers with each other but it's not like they don't know where the others live, but two of them had their keys get logged.

The third roommate went to log into his roomie's account to make an armor kit and got a 'wrong password' notice. Called the roomie up at work to check the info, it was correct, they went through a password restore but to no avail. We demoted the character down to being locked out of bank access.

We did not detect, however, that the third roommate's account was compromised until it was too late. I was healing Heroic SL when he logged in, in the middle of the last boss. I noticed he didn't log into our 'friends of' chat channel and knew immediately it wasn't the real him.

The GL crown was on an alt and I had to finish the boss fight before I could log over and demote him. By the time I did it was too late and our enchanting mats and other valuables were gone.

I spent the next two weeks dealing with a large number of very upset players and it took me raging on the customer service forums for us to get our stuff restored.

I jumped on an authenticator as soon as I could and have encouraged all my players who have the money free in this recession to do the same. Access to the bank is now more restricted, though some unauthenticated officers people could steal 5 stacks of stuff. No longer will I have to fear unruffling feathers.

We hit Icecrown the thursday after it came out. We wiped on Marrowgar 10 times before giving up. He was hitting insanely hard, nearly killing the tanks on the way in, cleaving saber lash like crazy. After the bone storm the tanks would get instagibbed, faster than a hasted holy light, if I got boned the tanks would get smashed to death in seconds. I felt terribad.

I gained information from chatting with people on forums that supposedly he was dealing 25 man level damage in 10 man, that fixing the tuning or something was forgotten.

A few days later a few of my players went along as guests on another run that cleared it, one of the tanks that went who wasn't on our attempt was talking down to me telling me it was us being bad, not because the encounter was broken.

(Said tank wound up gquitting to go join the people he went as a guest for, GL of said group has tried to poach several of my members and is banned from my vent and have told my players about the poaching jackassery and encouraged them to avoid members of this other guild. Said tank left his rogue in guild and asks to still hang out in vent because his new lolhardcore 10 man guild doesn't allow their vent to be used for anything but raiding. I've been too nice to tell him to go eat a dick. Ahhh diplomacy.)

Apparently it had been debugged at some point, probably before the pug.

We went back in monday night before the reset and smashed Marrowgar with a one-shot then attempted deathwhisper. I got a pretty plate skirt. ^_^

Wednesday we went back in and roflstomped it.
Last night we got a few who didn't get to go earlier + alts and did the first two bosses. Yeah, ICC alt run, it's like that.

I've used this leverage for recruiting and immediately filled 2/7 spots. All I have left to get is a moonkin, a ret, an enh shaman, a holy priest, a MS warrior or combat rogue.

Altoholic Advantage
I have two engineers. I'm farming rep on both.

I have four eighties I can do the random daily heroic on for frost badges.

By the time I have rep on both my engineers to get the ammo (as soon as next week) I should have enough frost badges to buy the currency to get the pattern.

Engineering + Honored + Alts with Frost Badges = Profit

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