Friday, December 25, 2009


After an evening of farming ICC25 for rep on my hunter, and blowing 2500g, my hunter now has maxed out engineering and can make the epic arrows. Yeay.

I checked my Frost badges on my Paladin and I'm pretty close to a piece of tier gear, so my favorite tank and I hopped into a random heroic to put me a little closer, the heroic was DTK.

We wound up with a group of DPS pugs, one of which who was asking us to skip the 'optional' bosses, the other off whom was complaining about things going slow (I threatened to put on my RP gear and NPC walk the rest of the instance). We ignored the requests to skip bosses because badges are very useful, the person who was asking us to skip was still sporting some 213 gear.

After killing King Dread, one of the DPS got all uppity. He or she started yelling at my tank for 'sucking', not taunting, etc.

I politely pointed out that as Paladin tanks get more geared up, they begin to go through mana starvation, which makes it harder for him to generate threat. I mean, I've tanked things on my Paladin and I suffer from mana starvation and this tank's got gear far superior to mine, I can only imagine his pain. I have to sit down and drink once every few pulls when tanking.

I also pointed out that tanks shouldn't have to taunt, that taunt isn't a part of a tank's regular threat rotation as taunt does not build agro. If he's having to taunt, it's because someone else is being too overzealous.

I also pointed out that the DPS should wait for the tank to get agro (wait for one consecrate) and to assist off the tank for the proper kill target, neither of which this DPS was doing. They still insisted we suck, when in actuality, he was the one being bad.

I said on vent, "I'm not going to heal this jerk warlock anymore." Our tank relayed that. I noticed the locke seems to lifetap his health down and expects a heal, I can just let him die. I put on my tier 2 gear and sit around looking pretty while listening to the locke egobitch. The tank does the same. We're standing around looking fabulous watching this jackass make a jerk of himself.

At that point the jackass pulls the next set of mobs, saying that he's going to get us killed. He says, "We'll see who dies." The tank DIs me and says, "Oh, I killed myself" and I stood there in the bubble happily in my fabulous mishmash of judgement and wrath epics. We waited, and the locke ran around in circles trying to run out of the instance, away from the mobs he'd agroed in his unsuccessful retaliative attempt to kill us.

One of the other players left, the warlock died, and we vote-kicked him and got two new DPS. One of them was a fury warrior in welfare epics (200s, 219s) from heroics and was complaining about his repair bills when he died to the stupid.

The instance was cleared and we moved on with our lives.

But this experience leaves me very apprehensive. If our TotC10/Totc25 geared MT is too 'suck' to tank heroics, what treatment am I going to get next time I'm in a heroic on my tiny DK tank who's wearing gear appropriate for the instances (blues with a few epics).

I'm starting to get terrified of looking for group because I don't want to have people abuse me to detract attention from their own personal shortcomings.

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