Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Going in blind?

AA is a late night group, I'm talking midnight EST, so with any luck the servers will have stabilized by our raid time.

We have a few options:
We can have an offnight or two, let the servers stabalize, level alts, run heroics.
We can go plow through TotC10 and Naxx10 as speed runs for an easy 30+ badges (bonus if the weekly raid is one of those).
We can go into ICC, there's risks of the encounters being bugged to hell.

If we choose the later, there's another question, do we go in blind or do we go read others' strategies?

Honestly, some of the most fun I've had with encounters is going in completely blind and figuring it out. I remember we cleared Koralon the night he first became available with no DBM or knowledge of the fight, we wound up having one tank solo tank it, and after a wipe I figured out what to shove into my grid to show me who was in fire and needed heals.

In the end, it's up to everyone else. I just hope everything is stable enough to actually let us do something.

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  1. once we got around the bugginess (which was to be expected) I really liked the instances.. much better than TOC. I really like how they have the cross server dungeon finder. However, I'm sure once the novelty has worn off and the instance has been run for a few weeks we will be bored and waiting impatiently for the next expansion.


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