Friday, December 4, 2009

Dissent in the Altoholics Anonymous Guild

Survival of all or none.
One raindrop raises the sea.
Weapons are enemies, even to their owners.

Give more, take less.
Others first, self last.
Observe, listen and learn.
Do one thing at a time.

Sing every day.
Exercise imagination.
Eat to live, don't live to eat.
Find the light.
-- Code of Dinotopia

My apologies if this is a bit ranty, but I have to get this out there to see what others think of the situation.

As you may have realized, Dear Readers, I refer to my guild as Altoholics Anonymous in this blog not as a thing of ego, but as a majority of my core players have 2+ geared characters. I've previously blogged about how this is beneficial.

It's the beginning of the month and some members of our team are getting their paychecks. One of my players
(our MT)
, as a holiday gift to himself, recently transfered his warlock from Alliance to Horde. The character was almost 80 and had full rest and now has access to BOA items and will probably hit 80 shortly.

Through whispers and IMs, I catch wind that some of my raiders are complaining amongst themselves. The word "selfish" came up, that the player already has a few eighties. They're afraid the new character is going to take their caster loot.

Chances are, this won't happen. It certainly won't happen anywhere that matters, such as raids. Why does it even matter? With the next patch, he'll be able to pug using the new LFG system and go along with me on my planned grind to get "The Patient" title.

If people want to gear out their alts with their free time, so be it. It's none of anyone else's business.

If there's whining then something is wrong and needs to be fixed. The leader in me says that singling out one player is wrong and that if I must impose limits on the number of eighties someone can have in the guild that the limits must apply across the board to all players, especially to me.

But with the accusations of greed and selfishness about someone with their fourth character floating behind my back, I can't help but feel a bit attacked myself, after all, I'm working on 80s #5 and #6 right now in preparation for the patch. If people are whining about one of my raiders leveling a fourth toon, how do they feel about me? I have four at eighty and am leveling too more.

The other altoholics tell me not to feel bad about playing characters other than my main, that no one actually thinks I'm selfish, but this issue arising triggers a huge feeling of doubt. It feels like I'm a bad person for leveling all classes and learning everything I can about them, like I'm a bad person for leveling a second healer to help establish a second ten man raid so no one gets to miss out. I'm a bad person for having a hunter and a pvp druid with epic flying so I can mine and herb even if most of the proceeds do go to providing gems, potions, enchants, and flasks to the whiners.

I level my alts with the idea of helping others. Several others on my team do the same. We provide flexibility to make sure we can suceed no matter what loop gets thrown at us. In essence, we operate under the mantra of Others first, self last. Somehow that is selfish?

Nevermind that I paid for most of the guild bank tabs out of pocket, plus a five tab bank, plus a three tab bank for overflow. Nevermind that many of the supplies in the bank exist because of the assortment of Altoholics and their array of professions.
Gems, Belt buckles, Enchanting materials, Food, Potions, Flasks, Enchanting scrolls? They're all made by using alts. Yet somehow people are selfish for having alts.

To avoid further drama, I've gone ahead and removed all but my four eighties and my enchanter from the guild, all of my lowbie have been kicked. I made a funny by making jokes as I booted each one. This way people can't whine, complain, and call me selfish and greedy for having, leveling, and gearing my alts.

I'll just keep my mining profits, my gems, my enchanting materials, my herbs, my frost lotus, my several titansteel smelts, my epic gem transmutes, my cloth cooldowns, my jewelcrafting dailies on three characters, etc all to myself. Maybe I'll use the proceeds buy a hog or two for my alts.

I'm pretty sad because it's really fucked up that I can't do something I love (alting) while spending time with people I enjoy (in my own guild) because a few members of my online family feel what I do is selfish.

It's a huge bummer and I'm feeling pretty unappreciated.
Hopefully the whiners will get hit by a good clue-by-four when they realize I'm not playing in my own guild because of them.


  1. Aww I miss dinotopia. I've been trying to find a copy to read to my daughter but mine got lost in the move at some point.

    I feel for you on the guild front. I suppose that is one of the big things that prevents me from joining a real raiding guild. I love my Alts too much to just give them up... while I love loot as much as the next person, what I really love is raiding on different toons and mastering each of the classes.

    I created my guild as a place where my friends and myself can call home. There really aren't any rules but then we don't need any because the guild doesn't in and of itself raid.

  2. That sucks that your guildies feel that way. I recently joined a friend's guild on a different server and on horde, even tho my main and other lvl 20+ alts are alliance. His guild has like 230 or so members and while I am lvl 16, already I have had a couple guild mates help out with stuff like bags, a few gold for training etc...when I express gratitude the response has been "The sooner you get to 80 the more people we have to raid with!" The guild dynamic so far has been very non-cranky (haha) There are a few people who are currently racing to lvl to 80 on healer alts as there is a shortage of those that are reliable within the guild. Most of the people that I have spoken with in the guild see lvling alts as more of an asset to the guild and less of a competition for loot.

    I hope things look up for you in your guild. it is a sad day when the GL doesn't feel comfortable having their own toons in their own guild. I think it's pretty UN-selfish to remove some of your alts from the group instead of telling the whiners /gkick JMO


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