Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Alting in prep for 3.3 and Surprise Hardmodes!

Last week, I predicted to my guildlings that we'd see 3.3 in "three weeks". Ghostcrawler has implied "more than a week, less than a month".

Now I'm hearing that MMO-Champion is predicting it next week. We'll see.

I've decided in my downtime, rather than farm for badges to gear out my characters better (3/4 of them are done anyhow) I might as well just finish leveling my next set of toons to 80.

My death knights are at 75 and therefore are the closest and the obvious choice.
Last night I proceeded to collect 33% or so of a level in about an hour and will likely spend post-raiding time tonight pushing them up to 76. With luck,t hey'll be 80 by the time the patch does drop, or shortly after.

I can play them in my spare time and get them nicely geared out in T9 (which they'll look fabulous in) by having them tank pug heroics using the new LFG system, and save my other toons to run with guildmates.

A funny thing happened in Ulduar the other day...
We had some alts and some people who'd just been returning to the game after eight months of being away. We decided to go into Ulduar and kill some bosses for badges and getting token pieces for people who needed them (or LOLRP for those that didn't). Half the time we lacked Replenishment.

We reached Thorim and split up, it'd been a while since we did him, we sent our druid in the tunnel with me healing, to rogues, and our terribly undergeared newly returned DK (in blues). We made it through the tunnel, popped up, pulled Thorim, and jumped into the Arena.

I beacon one of the tanks and heal the other and begin peeling debuffs and doing other healerish things. I think to myself, "My, I don't recall so many debuffs to peel. People sure are taking lots of damage, they must not be avoiding the stupid. Why's there a blizzard over there... Hey Siff is frostbolting people. Why is Siff in the arena?!? Oh shit!"

We'd engaged hardmode... and it hurt. A lot. Surprise hardmode!

We decided since we could do it, we'd bang our heads against it a few times. Had we filled the under-geared and lagged peoples spots with high DPS and swapped out the alt tankadin and the alt rogue for their mains (tankadin and a hunter, yeay replenishment) we probably would have defeated it. Needless to say the words, "Let's try some hardmodes next week" rang through vent.

Speaking of Hardmodes...

TotGC, ouch.
The guildlings have been carrying on for a while now wanting to do TotGC. I honestly don't think we're ready for it, and I'm certainly personally not ready to heal it with two healers. After TotC10 which we cleared in about an hour, they asked for TotGC and I said, "I'm not comfortable with this, I don't think my skills as a player are up to where they need to be."

We went in anyways and made about five or six attempts on the northrend beasts.

We wiped and wiped and wiped and most, if not all of the wipes, were the result of mistakes on my part, one missed cooldown, one second of beacon being down and having a tank die. All me. In some cases it was the same mistake more than once, meaning I wasn't catching and correcting the mistakes.

I stepped up and immediately took credit for my own fuckups.
I also beat myself up pretty hard over it--Not being able to correct said screwups make me bad... and I don't want to be bad.

It's ok, right?
I warned them I wasn't feeling like I, personally, was ready, right?

I try to lead by example. If I can't fix my mistakes when they're causing wipes over and over again, how can I expect anyone else to get better?


  1. To be honest you will have a lot of difficulty doing ToGC 10 with just 2 healers. Spike damage on the tanks can be very high and some of the random elements such as snobolds, acid spit, and frozen breath can really challenge healing.

    Running with 3 healers means the dps has to do more to meet the timers... but that is what they are there for!

    Bottom line I wouldn't blame yourself for the raid's failures.

  2. Oh... and our raid group accidentally triggered hardmode once as well... wasn't pretty. I think my thought process went pretty much the same as your's.


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