Friday, November 6, 2009

Two useless addons the Altoholic can't live without

The following addons are completely useless for PVE, PVP, raiding, etc. They're memoryhogs with no real functional function except for fun.

Comix: This is a cornucopia of useless awesome!

What Comix does:
  • It shows comicbook style BAMs and POWs on your screen while you're playing. Iron Man has been known to make an appearance to tell you when you chain an impressive amount of crits.
  • It plays sounds from assorted sources. A boing when you jump, sounds from other sources such a'la Unreal Tournament and Mortal Kombat.
  • Keeps track of useless things such as how many times your character has jumped since you've installed the addon. It also tracks hugs to some degree.
  • Newer versions allow players to link to the spell Supermassive Fail.
  • Newer versions also allow players to /object a'la Phoenix Wright, complete with face-speech bubbles and voices saying "Objection!" for which all players running the addon will see.
  • You can add your own images and sounds to Comix.
  • You can turn off annoying features or change how often something goes off.
Using Comix and sharing it with your friends may result in:
  • Players freaking out and laughing hysterically when going into combat / raid for the first time without configuring their Comix.
  • A notable increase in bounciness from raiders when using instant-cast abilities.
  • Jump counter epeening.
  • An increased amount of laughter in vent and general mood of the collective. It's hard to feel down or dramatic when you've got "Boing boing boing! Excellent! Killing spree! BAM! Pow! Impressive! Finish him! Yeeehaw!" going on.

Gryphonheart Items: Create fake items for RP.

What Gryphonheart Items does:
  • Create ingame items that you can give to others. Articles of clothing, items that give fake buffs others running the addon can see, etc.
  • Transcribe in game mails and in game books to items in your Gryphonheart bag for later reference.
  • Create books, letters, gift certificates for goods and services, whatever you can think of.
While this is mostly a RP addon, I've found some non-RP uses for it that amuse my friends.

I've created a net called "Interwebs" and I give copies of it to other addon users when they say or do something awesome. It's an ingame manifestation of "You win one internet." It has comments on it like "A Winrar is you!"

I can give my raiders coupons for things: Trade this back to Altoholic for one free epic gem, or one free heroic marathon on the alt of your choice.

And finally, I can create in-game books. I'm writing one called "They call me fearless leader. Chronicles of a guild leader." It has my character's name and flavor text reading "Help! I'm losing my mind!" If ever I wanted to explain the past, where I came from, why I do what I do, and a record of the group's history, I can ask the person to get said addon and trade them said in-game book.

I may also create one that just contains a general jotting of notes about what we're doing as we raid and go back to look at them later. I could write "So and so could benefit from this" and then be able to look back and be reminded.

Made for RP, but can be applied in both useful and fun ways. It just takes a little imagination. The possibilities are endless... well... within limits of the addon and game.


  1. Comix sounds awesome! I have a friend who plays wow and is really into comic book type stuff he would love it!

    And a jump counter??? I spend most of the raid jumping!

  2. ^^He drives me crazy with the constant jumping.


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