Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saronite Shuffle and then some!

Markco posted a brief article about something called the Saronite Shuffle on his blog, which in turn pointed me to an entry written by Carbon, over at A Gnome's Conquest.

The Saronite Shuffle, apparently, is the act of taking and prospecting Saronite, using the green quality gems (red, orange, yellow, and blue) plus bits of crystallized earth to make many shardable green quality rings and necklaces. This is something I've been doing for months, in fact, I blogged about it back in may, particularly about trying to fill up the (now three) guild banks with ore. If you do the Saronite shuffle regularly you might find the macros in it useful.

I had noticed on my last roll through the shuffle that I was getting more dust per disenchant. These other blog entries confirm it, and that makes me happy.

I haven't seen an increase of profit because I don't usually do the Saronite Shuffle to make gold, though it might be a good idea to try and do so occasionally, I do the Saronite Shuffle to keep a well stocked guild bank with enchanting materials and gems.

I have a feeling that Gelvon would probably advise that selling the materials and putting gold in the bank would probably be more helpful, but I'm a packrat and I've found a well stocked guildbank to be pretty helpful.

Since I started keeping a well stocked Guildbank, others have joined in the cause. It's not uncommon to see the bank full of ore, leather, herbs or meat. The end result has been mostly awesome for the guild, everyone is gemmed and enchanted, everyone has potions and flasks and their repair bills subsidized. They have to spend less time doing things they don't want for gold that'll be wasted away on raid costs, and more time hanging out with friends, having fun, playing the AH for profit, etc.

Managing the bank:
Sometimes I open the bank up and I look inside and my head starts to hurt... in a totally awesome way.

Holy fucking meat!
One of our guildlings has been trying to farm Arctic Fur. He's trying to get a business in it going and is fairly unsuccessful. The result is large amounts of Borean Leather flooding one of the bank tabs, and an even larger supply of meat. Delicious meat. As the supply started to increase I began sending it to the overflow bank and it now takes up most of the third tab of the overflow bank. That's a ton of meat!

Between him and me leveling my hunter's gun skills from 0 to 450 in one day, we've committed massive Rhino genocide. Our Rhino Meat count is about 800. Our Chilled Meat supply is somewhere in the 1500s. We've also got a healthy amount of mammoth meat, maybe 500.

The rate at which we acquire meat is faster than the rate we consume said meat for cooking dailies. Something must be done else we'll be consumed by delicious meatstuff. Telling the player to stop contributing would be looking a gift horse in the mouth and is not an option. I appreciate everyone's contributions and the contribution for cooking dailies are great and will assure that our spice will flow for the rest of the expansion.

I've decided to sell it, not vend it, sell it. To do so, I've created a female blood elf hunter with dark skin, big hoop earrings, a slightly stern face, a diamond tipped cane, black hair and pigtails. She wears a lovely black dress. Her name? "Thebutcher". Her game? Providing the meat for your cooking dailies right when they roll over as well as the occasional raiding buff food or pet food.

I'm on a RP server and expect the name to be reported (though it could be played off as a RP nickname so I could win an argument with a gm about it), but I've set her FlagRSP title to say, "Seller of meat." Any RP naming Nazi who tries to give me shit will be roleplayed at... by the Gothic lolita meat vendor from hell offering them four-packs of rhino dogs for 5g.

The meat costs me nothing. I've taken 10g from the overflow bank to use to start my business with. Once I reach 20 I'll put that 10 back and from then start taking gold made and throwing it in the guild bank, which can be redirected to other materials and repair costs.

All that leather:
We acquire a large amount of Borean Leather from the above arctic fur farmer.

I struggle to figure out what to do with it. Sometimes I make it into cheap dust, but with the buff to the Saronite Shuffle we've had a healthy amount of dust.

I've settled on two things:
Our tanks seem to like Heavy Borean Armor Kits, mostly for their gloves. I try to keep a stack of these around.
Dream Shards: Dark Nerubian Leggings and Dark Frostscale Leggings take 4 heavy borean leather and 5 crystalized water. I can't get rid of our eternal water, this will help keep the supply from becoming overboard and replenish our thin supply of Dream Shards (we powerleveled an enchanter and she's been buying all the patterns with our dream shards).

For now, though, I think I'm going to start stashing borean leather in its heavy form to pick up arctic fur from the vendor next patch. I want a healthy full stack of each epic leg kit.

We acquire Saronite in bar and ore form, both types are useful. With this ore we usually get eternals and titanium.

Things made from Saronite:
The Shuffle: Prospect. Save blue gems. Turn green gems into bling, and bling into dust.
Belt Buckles: I like to keep a stack of belt buckles laying around.
Dream Shards: Combine seven saronite bars with two crystalized air and get a dreamshard thanks to Deadly Saronite Dirk.

I also keep some bullets laying around using a saronite bar and some of the tons Volatile Blasting Triggers we have from killing salvagable bosses in Ulduar. The number of bow weapons in Wrath is dishearteningly low (I love bows and hate guns due to the noise element) so there's no point in making arrows at this time.

We rarely prospect titanium! Titanium is usually made into Titansteel if there is not at least a stack of 20. Only if we have a stack of 20 Titansteel and 20 Titanium bars might we prospect. We can transmute epic gems and be sure the item we get is the one we want when we want it. With the new patterns coming out, we may stock up to 40 or 60 titansteel so our plate team may get items crafted faster.

All those rare gems?
I distribute rare gems and eternals to an assortment of alchemists who happily make epic gems for the bank. I also give cut gems out to guests on our runs who win gear in our runs and they go to use on alts.

I make the herbs from the bank into potions and flasks with my respective masters.
I rarely make elixirs as most of my raiders wind up using flasks instead, so I don't make them unless they're needed.

Occasionally we end up with too many herbs, or herbs that aren't useful for making endgame related stuff. Those eat the mash of my scribe and become inks which are made into vellums and fortitude buff items.

Enchanting Materials:
All items that are earned in our runs, regardless of the guild tag someone wears, is enchanted by us. (We also provide free rare gems, and may provide epics in trade for an eternal of the appropriate type, depending on our supply.)

I try to keep one stack of Bolts Imbued Frostweave laying around and one stack of normal Frostweave Bolts.

Frostweave, which we get a lot of, winds up being recycled into more dust, into bags to help our new people / alts, or made into Spellweave, Ebonweave, and/or Moonshroud, all of which I am trying to complete a full stack of.

The bank has a lot of assets.

Perhaps someday we'll decide to try and use those assets to make some gold and start us up a biker gang. It could be a fun treat for everyone for working so hard. I already have a bike so... 24.

960 Cobalt Bolts
48 Arctic Fur = 480 Heavy Borean Leather post patch
288 Titansteel Bars = 864 Titanium Bars + 288 Fire/Shadow/Earth eternals
300,000 gold

This might motivate me to really work on working the AH. I can du it, right?

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