Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pugging TotC25

So, my guildlings have been pretty bored. I've considered doing an Open 25 man Ulduar run but recently I've attended a few pug TotC25 runs.

I began last week writing rules (and loot rules) that would be applied to such a run. I was planning on doing it next week because people were out of town for the holiday.

Then my guildmates decided we were going to do TotC25 last night and pugged up a team out of trade... at 2am est.

We got a surprisingly good mix of people, several people who were alts of raiders in other guilds, including several from the guild I /gquit due to eight months of poor treatment and being driven insane by a rabid e-skank who flirted her way to healing lead despite having no understanding of any class but holy priest.

We were oversubscribed on holy paladins (four) and shaman, having about 5 of each. While I wanted to bring my Paladin, we were also oversubscribed on healers so I got on... my Huntard. One of the other Healadins got on her resto Shaman.

I had FPS trouble. I am beginning to believe the problem is shaman totems, where more than one shaman is dropping the same totem and the auras trying to overwrite each other constantly. Mental note: Coordinate totems before the raid starts.

We downed the Northrend Beasts, I think on the first attempt. It was a slightly messy kill but it went through alright.

We did ok on Lord J. Got him down on the first attempt.

We downed Faction Champions on the second try. We had to alter our kill order to do it correctly. Priest - Shaman - Holy Paladin - Warrior - Rogue - Shadow Priest - Warlock - Hunter - Mage wound up being the kill order.

We had some difficulty on the twins. I think it took three attempts. We found best results having everyone attack the white one with black auras, and bringing the black one over to the white one, tanking them both on the black portal on the right hand side by the door. I shot the opposite one, misdirecting onto the other tank and soaking up white orbs as much as possible.

We discovered, by chance, that three tanks were ideal on Anub. (haha)
I shot ice out of the sky. It was kinda hard, I need more practice.
Our DPS was really really slow. We went through three submerges before enrage.

Some of the people from my ex-guild were being negative Nancies, eventually we called it because it was like 4:30am server time and people were tired.

We had good healers and tanks, we just needed some stronger DPS. I'll try to get better dps for the planned run, but doing 4/5 from a trade pug at 2am isn't bad at all.


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