Monday, November 2, 2009

Getting Disciplined

When I created premades for the PTR, among ones I sent over were a few that I used to play but have not played seriously in quite a while: A priest and a warrior.

I answered in the not-so-meme-healing-meme thing that I don't really understand Disc priests all that much. So last night I asked an old raid buddy of mine who plays Disc to get on the PTR and help me not suck.

I'm still not 100% clear on gem choices, but I understand the basics now.

I lasoed our bored tank and had him hop on his premade prot paladin (which is only slightly better geared than his real prot paladin) and tank some heroics.

Lots of bubbling and prayers of mending and penance all over people's faces each time the spell was up.

We did the heroics decently, wound up four-manning some of it. We lost our DPS to "The Stupid™" on the second boss of the forge of souls. On the first boss we found that one of our DPS was doing 1.3k or something terrible like that on a premade character. The fight was extremely slow.

The tank and I had a little conversation to fill the time. I can only imagine what the pugs were thinking.

"So. How about that local sports team?"
"They beat some other local sports team. Hook'em horns."


Disc seems to be all about absorption. When evaluating discipline, it's important healing leads not only consider healing done, but absorbs as well.

I will have to get Power Auras and Grid running on the PTR so I can mess with some indicators and other fun things.


  1. The best measure I've found for Discipline healing is

    I haven't found any in game mods that correctly measure the effects of shielding targets. World of logs though counts both power word shield and divine aegis into total healing and overheal.

    I can always count on my HPS being the lowest in recount... but seeing me be equal or above the rest of the healers in World of Log lets me know that I'm doing my job right.

  2. I've found Skada to do some decent tracking of absorbs (and who triggered them). I can't for the life of me figure out how to save logs for uploading. I've go so many things I'm doing already that I should probably designate other raiders to handle such uploads.


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