Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cranky Open Letters: Part 2

In this addition of Cranky Open Letters the subject is healing, cleansing, and Altoholic's growing prejudice against PUG Discipline Priests.

Dear TotC25 Raid Leaderess,

I attended your open raid on my hunter. Thank you for giving me a chance after I gave you a honest answer regarding my DPS (it's a little low). Thanks for giving me a crown so I could set up targets in oRA2.

You're a healer priest and that's pretty cool. The run was a little rough, especially faction champions, and I think you may be a little lacking on the knowledge of how to properly assign, balance, and utilize your healing core.

There was a healadin or two, a resto shaman, some priests, and I think a resto druid. People left and were replaced with others. Such is the nature of PUG raids. When one of the raid healers left, a discipline priest was invited to the raid, making four priests... and so you changed healing assignments in a way that made me nearly have an aneurysm. I bit my tongue instead.

You told the holy paladin to switch to raid healing.



Seriously, WTF? Why would you do that?
Paladins can only predictably heal single targets. One heal per GCD. They may have a glyph that will let a small splash heal people near the target for holy light, but, really, this isn't good. This isn't the most ideal way to utilize your poor little healadin.

So we got to Faction Champions and were having a miserable time killing the priest/shaman/paladin healer combo. People were dying, a lot, and worse, the enemy healers weren't dying.

I kept shooting the priest on my hunter and noticed that renew and earth shield were on it near constantly. Being a good little huntard I began to shoot the buffs off of the priest every time my tranq shot was up but it wasn't enough.

We wiped and while your guild's MT started yelling incoherently through his muffled mic at people for dying (claiming everyone who died did so because they were not running away from the the enemy team's physical dps) I started doing diagnostics. Adding the occasional snark to point out I was killed by the mage's frostbolts and the warlock's spells that weren't being cleansed from me, I noticed something very interesting.

The disc priest assigned to be mass dispel bitch was first on the cleanses.
My hunter was second with about 35.
Then there was everyone else, 20-30 or so less than me.

The elemental shaman wasn't purging.
The priests weren't dispelling offensively.

I noticed something else: All four priests in raid were Discipline (and you made the paladin raid heal instead of having one of the priests switch to holy, again wtf).

Maybe what your MT's blame-gaming people on vent for not running away wasn't the right diagnostic. Maybe people were dying because there was only one person casting group heals, the lone resto shaman. Maybe if you and two other of those disc priests went and respecced holy, or threw prayer of mending, or made yourself useful by dispeling stuff we wouldn't have wiped until the raid gave up.

There is no excuse for a hunter to beat you on of dispels. That's just fucking shameful.
My guild's DPS DK (who sustained 9k+ dps on that fight) didn't even know hunters could dispel. His jaw went through the floor.

In the end, you asked how many people my guild had that were ready for TotC25 and if we wanted to make a joint effort. I said no thanks, that I'd had bad experiences with guild alliances in the past (the MT in that run pissed off several of my raiders with his blame throwing), but that several of my raiders had more than one character geared if she ever needed a few extra competent people.

Learn how to utilize your healers and tell your MT to keep his maw shut.

Dear Carried Discipline Priest,

You know me, you got pissed off and gquit on your paladin over this bit of drama.

You were in a pug 25 man Onyxia and maybe a Vault with some of my guildlings after your drama unfolded.

My guildlings told me how they were in this raid with 2-3 holy paladins and you were there. You were asked to heal raid and you refused and complained loudly. How dare the raid leader tell you, the priest, to heal raid when the paladins can do it.

I mean a discipline priest can only heal one person and gave up their ability to change targets or heal more than one person when they specced Discipline, those blasted Holy Paladins should use their AOE helaing buttons.

Oh wait! Nevermind!

Newsflash, princess, you have buttons that allow you to heal parties. Prayer of healing can be targeted on a member in a party and heal them and those around them in that party. You can renew, prayer of mending, holy nova, you can proactively bubble people before predictable bursts of damage come out.

Paladins can play whack a mole with beacon on the tank, however, they still can only reliably heal one target per button press. They are inferior group healers in every regard.

So you have three choices.

You can stop being bad and use your entire toolbox.
You can respec holy and make yourself useful if you can't dump the tankhealer mindset when there are other tank healers who can't do anything but tank heal.
Or you can ask your guild to carry your paladin instead of your priest.

Stop being bad.

Dear TotC10 Pug Raid Leader,

I attended your run on my hunter. We had to start on the second boss as one of your other friends was already saved, and that was fine.

I got some keen boots, thanks.

Your rules were that we roll random 100, when we win a piece of loot we go down to /random 99.

So we get to Anub and Anguish drops.
I roll a /random 99 and get 97
A DPS DK rolls and gets a 20 something.
A DPS warrior rolls and gets something less than 10.

You give it to the DK because he hasn't won anything yet, even though I rolled higher. What's the point of even letting someone roll if they have no chance of winning? Why not have just said, "One epic per run"?

My guildmates were prying on what dropped, so I linked the loots. I told them that Anguish dropped and that I lost the roll to a DPS dk.

The guildmates were pretty unhappy that I lost due to the weird math thing. Edge of Agony is superior to Anguish for a DPS DK (and other weapons are superior to both. As I understand it, the top DPS DK spec right now is dual wield unholy).

I'm told the weapon is not all that great for a DK and the Agi isn't as beneficial as it would be if the stats on said stick were strength and that it probably would have been a pretty helpful for my little hunter.

I hope the DK gets good use out of the item.

RL, in the future please explain loot clearly. If you're going to ignore rolls once someone has won something, just tell us not to roll and don't get my hopes up.


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