Monday, November 2, 2009

Cranky Open Letters: Part 1

Dear 25 Man Pug Raid Leader,

Because my guild is a bit smaller and we aren't scheduling 25 man content I attended your 25 man Onyxia pug. Big mistake.

After wiping for several hours with you I finally decided to throw in the towel, take my 75g repair bill and ditch you like you were going out of style.

It's plainly apparent you do not comprehend raid composition, the six perspectives of raiding, how to utilize healers properly, basic game mechanics, and the mechanics of the fight.

Please please please please please go watch a Tankspot video, learn the fights, go lean about each of the six perspectives of raiding (tanking, offtanking, melee dps, ranged dps, tank healing, raid healing) and who does what and how to utilize people properly. As a raid leader, it is your responsibility to understand EVERYTHING, your knowledge must exceed that of your raiders else following you and respecting you becomes very difficult.

Sticking all the tanks in one group, all the healers in one group, all the melee in groups together, and all the casters in groups together does heaps for organization. Your resto shaman throwing down a manatide totem does little for other healers if they're in a group with a bunch of melee. We can go straight down our lists and heal who we've been assigned to with little issue, it's even easier when you've grouped everyone together. I know you're trying to make it easier by sticking one healer in each group, but we have healing addons and raid frames, we're capable of healing out of group. Stop treating us like idiots, we're not.

Stop trying to put together raids until you understand the fights, the game mechanics, and how to articulate them to others. All you're doing is wasting people's time and gold, many of us are adults, we take our fun and use of our time seriously.

Please stop trying to stack things to keep certain items within your guild, take the best people to do the job regardless of their guild tag or recruit more. Turning away both of my tanks, who outgear and outskill your two offtanks was an amazingly stupid move.

What were you thinking stacking your raid with four tank heals leaving a lone resto shaman to do all your raid healing? I left because I was about ready to beat you with a clue-by-four.

Get a clue and stop being bad.
-Your server's not so friendly Anonymous Altoholic

Dear other healers in aforementioned raid,

Hey, you two other Holy Paladins, you should try judging occasionally! The 15% haste buff does wonders for throughput and helps make sure your heal will hit the proper target in a timely manner.

When someone gives you a healing assignment, pay attention! You're a tank healer, your job is simple: Heal who I say to heal. Put your beacon up on who I say to put it up on, if I emphasize to keep it up then keep it up, and don't die to the stupid. I set up the healing assignments in a manner that meant there was one paladin and one beacon on each tank. One of you put the beacon on yourself, I track beacon on my grid, I see what you did there, don't try to tell me otherwise. One of the tanks died and we wiped because of your inability to follow directions. If I had been raid lead you would have been booted.

Hey, healers? Listen to my directions. I said everyone should go stack up on the whelp tanks so that the whelps would go to them. This is especially true for you, healers. Go learn the basic mechanics of the game. When a mob spawns it'll agro on the first thing it sees, if you heal that thing it'll agro on you. Your healing is going to naturally draw the whelps to you. Go stand next to your tank and they'll pick it up off of you.

Altoholic is switching to tank mindset now: Don't cry and say the tanks aren't doing their job when you're not where you're supposed to be. You hate when people cry out for heals, well tanks hate when people cry out about having agro from mobs. "Tank this!" Yeah, we're doing that, it's our job. If you want something taken off of you, bring that something over to me. Don't sit there in a wipe and play the blame game, it just serves to piss people off.

Why is it that I managed to be one of the last people standing (along with the tank I was assigned to heal) on almost every attempt. Why? Because I was in the right place (with my whelp tank) at the right time (when whelps were coming into the room) and I'm capable of avoiding the stupid (blastwave, deep breath).

This isn't rocket science!
-Your server's not so friendly Anonymous Altoholic

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  1. I joined a pug briefly over the weekend for Onyxia 10 man. The tank and leader had a total of 26k hps. And yes he was in tank gear. He told me that with raid buffs he got to 36k hp's in OS.

    I told him that OS 10 was 2 tiers behind Onyxia... as was his gear. On top of the fact that we didn't have any paladin's in the raid for kings so he wasn't going to break 32k. After talking to him a bit... I told him that I didn't feel he was ready and so left myself.


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