Saturday, October 31, 2009

Healing non-meme.

Miss Medicina has created a healing questionnaire to pass around to assorted blog authors.

The Altoholic has played all four healing classes to some capacity, having 3/4 of them at 80 currently, with main focus being on a fabulous paladin and the shaman.

What is the name, class, and spec of your primary healer?
I wouldn't be an Anonymous Altoholic if I gave you my name... so...
Anonymous, Paladin, 51/5/15

What is your primary group healing environment?
Altoholic does ten man raiding, trying to get our group onto twenty-five man raids.

What is your favorite healing spell for your class and why?
Holy Shock - It's the closest thing I have to a mobile heal, I use it every time it's up. I love it for healing in a pinch. With Infusion of Light, my crits give me instant cast flashes of light and crits of holy lights.

What healing spell do you use least for your class and why?
Flash of Light - It just doesn't heal much at all, it's rarely enough to do the job.

What do you feel is the biggest strength of your healing class and why?
I can heal tanks. A lot... and that's pretty much it.

What do you feel is the biggest weakness of your healing class and why?
I have no AOE heals. When big damage is flying around everywhere I feel helpless.

What healing class do you enjoy healing with most and why?
People capable of AOE healing - Holy Priests and druids. People who are capable of covering the AOE damage, alleviating the helpless feeling of not having AOE buttons myself.

What healing class do you enjoy healing with least and why?
Other holy paladins, the more holy paladins you have in raid, the less capability a raid has to recover from heavy splash damage. I've done raids with only two holy paladins healing successfully before (though the other paladin was an amazing paladin that was the GL of a top 100 progression guild which has since disbanded), I've cleared Naxx10 that way, but it's not ideal by any means.

What is your worst habit as a healer?
Not bothering to stop-casting to prevent overhealing.

What is your biggest pet peeve in a group environment while healing?
People, especially tanks, yelling for heals on vent. Stop telling us to heal, we know, we're doing it, it's our job.

Do you feel that your class/spec is well balanced with other healers for PvE healing?
Yes, though a holy/prot build would be better for hardmodes.

What tools do you use to evaluate your own performance as a healer?
I look at Skada but I tend to take it very lightly: If my targets don't die, I've done my job. I may switch to WMO at some point, but I'm not in a rush.

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about your healing class?
This is a hard question to answer. The only misconceptions I hear are related to Paladins and PVP. Some might think we have infinite mana, but my folks have learned that it's not true as I announce I'm MSing myself to get mana back every minute for 15 seconds so others can cover me.

What do you feel is the most difficult thing for new healers of your class to learn?
New healers seem to have trust problems. They don't always realize that healing is a group effort, that it's teamwork. Sometimes they'll get caught up in whack-a-mole trying to top off one person and not using their whole toolboxes. Sometimes I feel horrible for telling other healers what buttons to push. (Then again, I've raided on all four, I'm entitled to make suggestions.)

If someone were to try to evaluate your performance as a healer via recount, what sort of patterns would they see (i.e. lots of overhealing, low healing output, etc)?
They'd see I'm an overhealing monster and that I rarely cast Flashes of Light.

Haste or Crit and why?
Haste. They nerfed crit for Paladin regen, and my heals are big enough that when I crit, it's mostly overhealing. The more haste I have the less chance that will be sniped or that the heal won't reach the target in time.

What healing class do you feel you understand least?
Discipline Priests - Disc as it stands now is a completely different animal from Classic and BC Disc.

What add-ons or macros do you use, if any, to aid you in healing?
Grid. Visual Heal. Decursive. Power Auras. A few assist focus and cast on focus macros for Beacon of Light and Judgements.

Do you strive primarily for balance between your healing stats, or do you stack some much higher than others, and why?
I like to have a balance, I got to about 2000 healpower then switched to stacking int because int = regen for a raiding Paladin.

Unfortunately I don't have too many readers to pass this on to so I cannot call folks out. :p

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  1. Sorry for the delay in linking to your response!

    I loved your answer for "What do you feel is the most difficult thing for new healers of your class to learn? " I think that mentality is especially strong for people who come over from the DPS side - healing isn't a competition, it's the ultimate team effort.

    Thanks for responding!


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