Friday, October 23, 2009

Fun and Exciting... not.

Last week, the raid team Altoholic is in cleared TotC in 10 man. We did it in one night, we weren't expecting to get anywhere but got through it with a few wipes.

We went in this week and did very well on the first two fights... then we reached the Faction Champions.

Our opponents were Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, Warlock, Shadowpriest, Ret Paladin, Arms warrior. Two super annoying healers, two fearbots, and a melee rape squad.

After two nights of wiping and getting three alts that could have gone on other runs with friends and cleared the instance, we finally killed these douchebags.

Myself and our prot paladin benched our mains in favor of his DK and then his Rogue while I benched my holy paladin in favor of my lesser geared resto shaman. We have no 100% attender Shaman types in our main team. At all.

I log onto my druid when I want to PVP, having a PVP styled PVE encounter is somewhat annoying. It really feels like bring the player not the class has been thrown out the window because a less than ideal setup for that fight with poor RNG luck can yield an unhappy wipefest.

But really. Can't they come up with anything better?
There are so many fights in the game better than Faction Champions.

I fucking loved Vael and Nef in BWL. The Twin Emperors was interesting. The last boss in AQ20. Jin-do the Hexer, the ZA fights, Teron Gorefiend, Leo the blind, Vashj. These were fun and interesting encounters.

Is the faction champions and recyling old boss fights with slightly altered elements the best Blizzard can come up with?

Fire the developers. Hire me. (I'd also come up with better looking armor than the developers have managed lately.)

Since we don't have much to raid the rest of the week after we clear stuff tonight, I've got an idea.

Lol, Bots.
One of my guildlings discovered great lag in Storm Peaks which he believes is being caused by bots farming fire elementals.

I had an idea. I don't know if it'll work but I plan on making a little PVP related mischief on our PVE server. It involves my hunter, a pet named similarly to the mobs the bots are killing, a PVP flag, our PVP pwn squad, and camping all night long, oh yeah.

I'll make a video of it if it works.

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