Tuesday, October 6, 2009

And then there were four.

Two nights ago, yours truly, has successfully leveled my two aforementioned alts to 80.

I now have four level 80 toons.

I hit 80 with 1600g on the Shaman and 1200g on the Druid. After buying skills, respeccing the Shaman to have raid-worthy Elemental and Resto specs, and getting appropriate glyphs I sat at 1400g and 1100g or so gold.

Looking back, I paid 2000g to get the two dualspecced, and they've made that back, they also paid for their own cold weather flying. I would have made more but all of the herbs were milled into darkmoon cards, the DEables throw into the guild bank, and the frost lotus made into flasks for said bank.

I made about 1000 gold as a bonus on top of the two toons. More importantly, I'm in the mood for questing, meaning I may go out and finish zones and get more gold, more achievements, and work more on that loloremaster title.


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