Saturday, October 24, 2009

Altoholics Anonymous goes to the PTR

A little story about Altoholic's Guild:
A few nights ago, several members of the guild I'm in decided we'd go to the test realm and maybe get a chance to thrash around in Icecrown before it hits the live servers. We're not super hardcore progression, but I think everyone'd like to be able to clear into Icecrown's raid instance(s) so we may attract more likeminded folks to join our semi-hardcore team.

In the previous days, we've discussed what we've copied to the test realm. Folks have not only copied their mains, but also premades of the same classes so they might be able to see the gear difference (learning the encounters in the best possible gear on the premades will probably make it easier for us to do the encounters in our 10 man raid gear and badge epix easier, I reserve that skill > gear, however, gear does make things easier). Several members of the team have copied multiple classes of characters. These members have... 2-3 80s each.

Today I realized that my guild has several altoholics aside from me, though my case is most pronounced with the 10 toons above 70. As such, sticking with the "I'm being somewhat anonymous with this blog" theme, I shall henceforth refer to the guild I am in as "Altoholics Anonymous".

The Advantages of Altoholicism:
Now Altoholics Anonymous isn't a bad guild. Our many alts, our personal armies, allow us a type of flexibility that a group of players with only one toon lack. I think the general consensus is that alts in our particular group are a valuable resource and utility. We do try to gear out our alts to respectability so they can be used as utilities, though not usually at the cost of taking gear over someone else's main.

With our personal armies we can switch gears, switch roles, let people get a break from playing the same character. If a member of our raid is missing and we have an extra of a certain role free, someone else can switch to fill in a spot, making sure our raids go with decent composition.

Being Altoholics has definitely helped with our knowledge of the game and with our respect for other players in other roles, probably moreso than a one-class one-trick pony player would. You see, we've been the tank, the healer, the melee dps, the ranged dps. We've probably been on the receiving end of all of the stupid things that people do on WOW and it keeps us from doing said stupid to each other.

First Impressions of the PTR:
So early this morning, I'm talking 7am EST, a few of us hopped on the PTR.

The new LFG system with the random group thing is amazing.The ability to set up your talents completely before you commit them (can be turned don in the 'features' thing) is also amazing.

We used the lfg thing to find two dps for an instance and proceeded to try out Forge of Souls... I believe on heroic mode. Our pug DPS seemed to be an elemental shaman and a fury warrior. I don't think they were assisting off of Ye'olde tank so they died from stupid a little.

The instance was easy, I mean sickeningly easy. The trio from AA were pretty clueless on the instance, we just threw ourselves at the bosses assuming the basics of wow raiding (stay out of the stupid, don't pull agro, don't die).

The godfather of souls' whirlwind took us by surprise, my response to him pulling magic to himself was to move away from him, expecting him to do an AOE on himself (like a blastwave style thing), instead he did a whirlwind which hit myself and the hunter. I cheated and bubbled like the bad healadin I am while the hunter bit the dust. You hug him when he does this ability.

The RoS knockoff boss was pretty simple, one of the others had done the fight before and said something about red beams and ghosts. We stop dps on the red beam, I'm not sure if it's everyone needing to stop or just the target (I think it's everyone) and.. that's about it.

I'm immensely disappointed. WTF?
I mean, I hated Heroic Magister's Terrace like you wouldn't believe but those instances are supposed to be giving out amazing loot. I kinda expect to have to work hard for and challenged it.


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