Friday, October 9, 2009

The Altoholic loves pugging.

Much to the dismay of my guildlings, I suggest that they 'pug it up' for heroics from time to time. To this, they cry and sulk and say they do not want.

There's a method to my madness.

When my team runs on our offnights and brings a random person or two with us, they've given themselves an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

We might just happen to find a few people who're looking for a solid long-term group and just didn't know about us. I know some of our members and regular raiders were once pugs, people who can't raid with their groups, people with funny schedules, people who'd just never really been given a chance. Many of them have grown to be assets to the team and good enjoyable company to be around.

Those that don't join us may wind up being people we can call upon for help with things, or contacts we can get to do enchants or other goodies we don't have access to ourselves, or maybe wind up telling others in situations from my aforementioned paragraph about that 'cool group of people'.

With the next patch comes cross server LFG. I don't know if it's just for instances or if it will also work for raids. I personally hope it does.

I know there must be more people out there like us, I've been trying to reach them on other servers but I think the target audience isn't in reach. All I see in people seeking is "looking for hardmodes" not "looking to work hard and earn my achievements", I think the people I'm looking for are just feeling down and behind.

They're late night players struggling to find stuff to do, stuck with only one option on their server that may not be ideal or suit their personalities. They've got potential but no opportunity, perhaps their gear is sub par, no one will give them a chance to shine. They stop searching and farm, bg, or run the daily heroic and slowly accumulate their triumph badges.

They become casuals.
They become scrubs.
They devalue themselves and stop trying to find a group where they belong.
They fall bored and lonely and quit.

The next patch may bring them back. It's important that I get out there and hit pugging hard and catch these diamonds in the rough and give them a bit of polish, give them a chance to shine.

If we can pug people into raids, that's even better! I could grab one or two pugs into the 25 man raids. Short a DPS or one healer? Grab someone out of LFG. We might just catch a keeper.

With the next patch comes a new title: The Patient.
As my guildlings suggested, I shall get it and wear it, for my patience is great and everyone should know it.

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  1. While PUGs are hit or miss... It seems as if you enter into it with a sense of humor. The MT (Pally) and co-RL hubby (and me occasionally) raid with is so serious most of the time... I am not quite sure if this is his normal personality or just in game he never leaves RL mode even in daily heroics, etc. His wife is also most often the highest DPS, or at least close to the very top (NElf Hunter) His wife was more excited with me hitting 80 than I think I even was. She was so excited to have another girl in the group ... and also the wife of one of their core raiders. Anyway, she said that he has a sense of humor and whatnot, he just feels that with being RL he needs to basically stay in that serious in-charge mode.

    But I digress... I think a group who was open to picking up someone who may not be the best DPS but an asset it other ways, and who has the potential to be better if given the chance, would be a great group for someone such as myself who, instead of feeling like a colossal failure when they are not invited back because their DPS was sub-par ... perhaps from having a lower gear score than most of the other people... would be given the chance to improve and not rejected.

    I'm venting a little I think. Like I had commented before... I am a casual raider, but I would at least sometimes feel like I was an asset to the group and not just a liability.


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