Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Moving right along.

Altoholic Powers Activate!
So some of my team decided we should make a second Ulduar10 raid, and proceeded to level and/or gear out some of their alts to be suitable members.

I asked my raiders which I should level: Priest, Shaman, or Druid. They said Shaman.

So I scraped up 4000g and bought dualspecs and flying for both my Shaman and my Druid, as they're on different accounts and started leveling.

They're now at 77. I'm not moving as fast as I would like, but I'll probably get them to cap by next week.

I have an assortment of boe and crafted epics for the shaman, about ten of them, not as worried about the druid.
The druid is going to be my PVP healer.

Oh, Teh Dramaz!
For shits and giggles, I lead a team of ten of my guild members into Ulduar25 and we ten-manned Flame Leviathan 25 man. It's fun, it's challenging, and there's no harm doing it on the night before a reset. Good times.

Unfortunately, our small team got a bit unlucky... or unl
ucky. We received a fragment for the legendary mace, something I wasn't prepared to deal with distributing.

The legendary mace is a symbol of the epic effort of the entire raid team. It's not something to be taken lightly. I expected a blunt discussion of who should get the mace with the team, and for people's attendance, performance, and loyalty to be considered.

As such, I recommended everyone interested in the weapon express it and go AFK for a bit (ten or so minutes) to spare themselves from stuff that might hurt their feelings. I went AFK, visited the bathroom, and played with my orange (I guess we could call her legendary) cat.

Not everyone else left and one of the interested healers was unfortunate enough to hear some of the discussion participants being outright tactlessly blunt. The determination was that said healer was an alt (even though that character was her main for our raid team) and as such the item should go to yours truly. The grounds of the decision weren't what I would have focused on (I would have focused more on attendance and contribution: ie: who attends 100% and stays the entire duration of every raid?), but alas.

The other healer got pretty offended and gquit soon after, as did her boyfriend. I'm blamed for my players being "blunt and tactless", from reviewing the situation with my team, I get the impression nothing bad was really said, that folks were just straightforward and brutally honest, and the entire team stood by the decision. This was the behavior I was expecting the team to have.

Case in point, the entire dramatic thing could have been avoided had my directions to put down the headset and go away from the keyboard actually been followed. It's a shame because I really liked both of them.

So, with bittersweet feelings I present to you...

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