Saturday, August 22, 2009

A bizarre message.

Now, the Altoholic can be both a good person and a douchebag. It really all depends on the weather or who I'm dealing with.

I guess one can say that I'm a force of chaos. I do good and bad.

I've been doing good: Running the open invite raids that anyone can attend.
I've been doing bad: Getting on the case of folks who are being bads (as in, attitude).

So we're working on attempting Yogg and I suddenly get a tell between attempts.

I've removed the names to protect both my identity and the identity of the person sending me tells. I'd never seen them or heard of their guild before, nor have I heard of or interacted with any of the 80s in said guild, so I'm at a total loss.

01:07 AM [Stranger]: Sexy man, your awesome.
01:11 AM [Altoholic]: o.O?
01:12 AM [Stranger]: Thank you for being such a good guy, you help this server far more than you could imagine. :)
01:12 AM [Altoholic]: For scaring away bads?
01:13 AM [Altoholic]: Or for hosting open raids every friday and saturday night?
01:13 AM [Stranger]: Both and more. Have a good night.
01:14 AM [Altoholic]: Fyi: I'm a chick. :p
01:14 AM [Stranger]: Doesn't make a difference, your still a good person. :)

Usually I don't spout my gender off, but being called "sexy man" was just a little weird.

I can't tell if they were being sincere or sarcastic.

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  1. K, #1 the stranger used the wrong form of "you're" which bothers me.

    Second, I totally was leaning towards you being a guy as well, but wasn't sure.

    Third, you being female explains some things. Like, why you're more tolerant and encourage an open group. And then it also explains how that can be... And while I haven't ever run with u.. it seems you don't have that burning need to flex your epeen :)


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