Monday, July 13, 2009

Three things the Alotholic loathes.

The Altoholic hates three things in WOW more than anything.

3) Dailies: At first, I thought Dailies were a great idea and a great way to make money. Quel'danas was neat because it was a great source of money. But try doing the Quel'Danas grind every day on 6-8 toons like I did by the end of BC and see how interested you are in doing dailies. There are only 2-3 dailies I can bring myself to do: The JC daily, the Fishing daily, and the cooking daily. Two of the three i have to do on multiple characters.

How does the Alotholic make money? Playing the auctionhouse, being profession insane (and doing the JC daily), and farming. When between your own alts and your roommate's alts you can output enough titansteel and dragons eyes to make tons of epics, you get money.

How did Alotholic get exalted with Hodir? I threw gold from being a professionoholic at the problem.

2) Vehicle Combat: Hate hate hate hate hate! I like to strafe. Some vehicles can't strafe. The whole playstyle is clunky, awkward, and screwy. I hate the first fight of Ulduar and the last phase in Malygos, I won't touch Oculus with a ten foot pole.

1) Jousting: Words cannot describe how much I loathe Jousting. Let's just say I'm not planning on running the new instance with the manditory jousting unless the rest of my party can carry me because there's no way in hell I'll do it successfully. I've given up on finishing the Argent Tournament because I know I'll never beat whatever the mob is to become a champion, so I've just given up. I collect mounts and pets and I've given up on the tournament because I am that bad at jousting.

In regards to 2 and 1, Some people have called me inflexible. Some people call me a bad player.

Nevermind that I can play every class in the game effectively, and have raided on 8/10 of them, I don't suck, I grasp most game mechanics, and, you know, I'm not an idiot. The fact that I can't do jousting when I can do everything else in the game with decent skill might say something about the design of these poorly executed mechanics.

I think it might be easier if I could change the way the things are keybound. I don't like to do 112, I like to do extra mouse button 1, extra mouse button 1, extra mouse button 2.

Altoholic is displeased with the dickery of 3.2.


  1. You are not alone. I hate all three as well.
    My main reason for hating the latter two is the limitations of them. I raid on a holy priest which has a myriad of spells for very occasion and I hate limiting myself to three or four for vehicle fights. Sure, Flame Leviathan was fun the first time but now its just dull. As for the jousting, I originally got my boyfriend to do it for me but then pride got the better of me and I practised in the dead of night. Still hate though and I'm collecting my tournament pets off the AH because I refuse to do it more then once a week.
    Think I hate the dailies for the same reason. The limitations, if I want rep/tokens etc with a faction I would rather be able to grind it out in large chunks when I feel like it rather than be limited to X amount per day because then when you miss a day, it sets you back so you end up feeling you have to do it everyday.

    As for the jousting, couldn't you make 4 separate macros one for each ability and then bind them to keys that you are comfortable with?

  2. I'm the very opposite then, because I enjoy the vehicle parts a lot. Though, notice that I said vehicles, which I attribute to being actually vehicles, like FL and WG.

    The mechanics of the last boss of Oculus or third phase of Malygos are not my favorite bits, though this may change as in 3.2 the mount parts in Oculus will scale with your gear, which means you have some control over the outcome.

    Why I enjoy the vehicle sections are just, generally the variety they bring to the game. Having siege engines and battle tanks in a pvp environment is an absolute joy and the vehicles of Ulduar play into both the location, it's history, and importantly the story.

    Just as long as they won't over do it. One vehicle section is enough in Ulduar and I sure hope they don't go crazy about the idea in future dungeons. Yes, Trial of the Crusader has some jousting but again only the first encounter.

  3. I was starting to think I was the only one! Dailies are not so bad, only having 1 lvl 80 so far (my main), but as I have created and concentrated on more alts I find myself NOT doing dailies because it cuts into the time I have with my alts.

    I hate vehicles, and always have, even previous to focusing on my alts. As you said... they are cumbersome, and sluggish, and not as responsive to being controlled.

    Jousting falls into much the same. Not only are you on a vehicle..but you're required to HIT something one on one with that vehicle. I avoided running TOC the first week or so simply because it had jousting. Hubby convinced me that they could carry me through jousting (he had to do my jousting in the tournament thingy when I first got there)

    I have since overcome my ineptitude for jousting in TOC. I still can't do it for dailies, it may have something to do with the fact that in TOC I usually end up having to switch vehicles at least once... and I usually am the one to "sit" on each of the bosses after they are down to prevent them from mounting up again.

    Of course now, TOC is farmed out. I have run it SO many times that there isn't a single drop in there that I haven't seen/acquired.


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