Friday, July 17, 2009

Gold Farmers Gone Suicidal!

Today, someone used an exploit to lift characters high into the air and kill them to create words on the ground linking to a site that I would assume will compromise your computer and steal all your golds.

While taking a screenshot of the absolute despiration of these knuckleheads, I saw one come up and do its thing. I waited and after a while managed to capture one via FRAPS.

I'd say "This is why you should get an authenticator", but Bliz is constantly sold out of those.

It appears they're being bought up by third parties and resold for much more on places like ebay.

Having one of my authenticators die on me, I can tell you that unless you know the battlenet account the authenticator was purchased on, they won't replace it should it break.

They said they'll replace it if it goes bad within the first year of having it. There's no way to guarontee that the person who resold the authenticator to you will give you that info, say, eight months down the line.

Less hackings. Less creative advertising. More authenticators in stock.

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