Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Going Insane!

The past two weeks, I've run a raid almost every day, and boy am I tired.

But we've gotten a lot done in the past two weeks.

Busy busy busy:
We beat Hodir. Yes! Unfortunately he gave us the warrior/hunter/shaman legs. Our hunter already had them and our group makeup was: Prot paladin, spriest (had a tank alt that helped with the trash), mage, mage, mage, warlock, hunter, hpriest, hpally, rdruid.

We geared out a new paladin tank, who's the reroll of our DK MT, it's been done in response to the DK nerfs. His warcrafter score after two weeks is 1782. His DK who's being retired is 1811.

Our hunter got his DK alt to 80 and we've got him reasonably geared out. His intention was to make the character a tank for when we really needed it, or when someone needed time off. Tank heroics and ten man stuff on occasion. His warcrafter scor after two weeks is 1765.

One of our priests got their cousin, a shaman, to xfer to our server and level. That cousin hit 80. After one week he's at 1459, we had low drop rates on shaman stuff for once.

We imported a Warlock who got to raid with us last week. We had a rough week, I fear we've made a bad impression because they seem really quiet. Perhaps I need to put more effort into dragging them out of their shell.

Recruited two new people--DPS. A ret paladin who has some prior ulduar experience as holy but wants to go ret and a dps warrior.

I then found a girlfriend/boyfriend duo of healers (with dk and hunter alts) who were looking for a late night group. They've done some raiding and describe themselves as casual, and were looking for a casual raiding guild. I haven't been able to include them yet, which sucks.

If I can get those new healers for 25 mans 3 days a week, when we switch to doing 25 man ulduar, we'll have 5 decent healers in our core. (2 priests, 2 druids, and me).

With the new DPS we went and did OS+1. We tried Maly 10 but apparently phase 3 makes other people's brains explode just like mine. We made it to P3 with about 4 minutes left. I'll need to find a way to fix this.

I've sort of adopted a rogue and shadow priest who seem to be RL friends.

I fear there are more roadblocks ahead.

Incoming Roadblocks
I'm coming up quite quickly on what's going to be a rough part for the team -- Not enough slots for everyone that wants to go. People are already getting pissed at me for not having enough room.

Having Naxx25 gives a 100% chance that ALL the people will at least have something to do for sure 2 days of the week, but that may or may not be enough.

One of our tanks is driving the rest of the raid crazy. He's in a 25 man guild that raids Ulduar25 already so he won't be able to tank for us. I really need to find a tank to take over for him.

Going Insane:
When I introduce myself to new members, I let them know I can craft virtually anything they want, sans ulduar25 crafting stuff, due to being an altoholic. My guildlings have lightly said "that's because you're insane."

On several occasions they suggested I do the "Insane" achievement grind. I've decided I'm going to very casually persue that.

I'm starting with farming stranglekelp casually on my druid during my downtime, and buying cheap stranglekelp and bruiseweed off the AH to make rogues decks.

I plan on grinding ravenholdt rep idly too. Once I max out on that, I can go periodically pickpocket things for lockboxes on my rogue.

Could you imagine? Altoholic, the insane. Guild leader, raid leader, and healing lead of guild.

I also kind of aspire to start a group like Leftovers on my faction side of my server, however, I think their web software enables them to pull of things that they otherwise wouldn't be able to. Their software isn't up on the internets for download so I'll either have to find something else or find a developer. If I can't find an lua developer to mod epgp for me, how will I get a while massive open raiding community going?

Five Boxing Progress Report:
After running a raid a night for the past two weeks or so, I've gotten 65+ heroic badges, 60 valor badges, and a few conqs.

I'm going to not bother with having two ARs for my warrior for TG leveling. I think that I will be more inclined to level new toons than old toons atm. I can always get an AR later.

I've secured bow #4.
Goal 1: 260/260 for 4/4 bows -- Completed!
Goal 2: 65/195 for 3/3 axes -- Pending
Goal 3: 0/195 and/or -- Pending
Goal 4: 0/150 or 975 sks for Staves -- Pending

And... shoulders.

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