Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fiveboxing Progress report.

I go through frozen orbs like candy. Being a guild leader and a crafter with every profession maxed out, I can create in any given day a stupid number of epics, and often do. I've given people as many as six items in one day to help them get their gear better for raiding.

I seem to be ok at making money. I'm no goblin... yet, but my ability to make tons of gold when I really want to does exist. I've brought in 10k in a day before, I bought 6 tabs in our bank, 5 tabs in my alt's bank, and 3 tabs on an overflow alt bank. Knowing this, some of my raiders come to me when they really really need gold. They sell me frozen orbs for 100g or so, sometimes they just give them to me.

As you know, I've been trying to get 1000ish badges. Yesterday I went and spent a large amount of my badges on BOA items so I wouldn't go spend them on frozen orbs that I'd likely use to craft things with my mats to give away to people. I got two BOA bows.

I decided this morning to create my first team, or at least reserver their names. 130 badges of 735 for weapons. That means 605 left to complete my weapon goal and 0/360 for shoulders.

I already have Kemnebi (egyptian for Black (kem) panther (nebi)) the male belf hunter. I have picked the names for the rest of my hunter set, the Nebis.

Kemnebi has some RP about him. He's a non-speaking character called "Kemnebi the Meek" with a note of he who does not speak.

The new names translate to White-nebi, Red-nebi, Orange-nebi, Gold-nebi.
Each will have their own title, their personalities being somewhat different.

This is subject to change.
White = Brave
Red = Vivacious
Orange = Impulsive
Gold = Wise

At this point, I can level one of the placeholders to 10, along with the former red haired mage bank toon who's level 7, and one of the two priests I have resting on my main account. (Do I really... need two priests on one account?)

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