Thursday, July 23, 2009


About a month ago, we began working on Hodir in Ulduar10. We cleared through the crazy cat lady and through the trash and started making potshots. We made some progress but it was already late at night on our second day. We resolved to return and work on it some more.

Unfortunately the next week I, the raid leader, had to be out of town on a business trip and there were no raids.

I returned and while I managed to rile up the natives on the first day (not raiding a week made this difficult) several of them were absent the second day, so we went and did Vault, OS10, and Naxx instead.

The next week we got in there and hit him pretty hard on our second day in. We came pretty close to beating him, having him at around 10% when we hit enrage timers. The team had a guest warlock with us because one of our regulars had RL happen. (This is why I'm trying to recruit more dudes!) Psyched, we released and made our corpse run only to find that all the adds had respawned. We said "Well fuck it."

This week we cleared up to Hodir in the first night, came close to beaitng him 5% wipes while hitting enrage. 5am rolled around and people couldn't go on so we called it.

Yesterday we resumed, fresh and ready to go. We wiped about three times before defeating the boss. We got a bow and warrior/hunter/shaman legs (which our only member on that token already had from running VoA). We managed to keep all of the NPCs alive the entire fight and got an achievement as a result.

Thorim is next.

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