Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The death of an authenticator.

I have (or had) TWO Blizzard Authenticators. One has a strip of sticky label wrapped around it colored red (primary account), the other is blue (secondary account).

I got multiple authenticators for several reasons, one is because I don't want to be screwed out of all my access if my one authenticator dies. The second is that I have RL friends who occasionally ask (usually in person) if they can use my accounts to try out a class they haven't played before to see if it might be something they want to level. Having to hand them my authenticator when we're gaming together on laptops can get annoying, it's just easier to toss them the keychain and let them hold onto it until they're done.

It used to be you can create high level toons of assorted classes on the PTR but I think they got rid of that feature. They should really bring it back.

Anyhow, I decided to take my authenticators with me on a business trip (ok I went to a fandom convention, it was work related, honestly) and blue became damaged and would no longer display its happy button. This means that I could no longer access my account.

Luckily we had to drive all the way home, a 24 hour van ride, and I had time to lay around in the van and do nothing. When 8:00am pacific time rolled around I started calling Blizzard.

The line for Blizzard is busy a lot. I think it took me several tries to get through. I decided to call every 10 minutes. I think I got through to them at about 9:00am.

I spent about 30 minutes on hold. This probably tore through the minutes on my prepaid phone, which was roaming at the time, bouncing between tmobile and at&t network. Oh well. Their hold music needs some work, the volume of each soundfile is different, some come out very loud, some are very quiet.

When I finally got to talk to someone, I was greeted by a pleasant guy's voice. His name was Gilbert and he spoke perfect English, it was quite refreshing.

I gave him my name and I couldn't remember the exact answer to my secret question (name of my first pet, which isn't actually the name of my first pet but the pet I consider MINE) and had to guess a few times. Once I got it right we proceeded to remove the authenticator from my account. I read him the number from the back of the unit and he removed it.

He asked me how it broke. I said I don't know. It may have been banged up during the trip, but offered to send it to them so they might be able to investigate.

Apparently because my authenticator is not too old they're going to replace it for me for free, I just need to send it to them, of course I need to know which battlenet account I purchased them with. Luckily I have my printout from when I purchased the silly things last september. Hopefully I can use that to figure out which battlenet account is the one.

I now have both accounts bound to my red authenticator. I should order a few mroe for when I start fiveboxing.

My conclusion is that Bliz's account support is pretty good, they do need to do something about the line being busy.

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