Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are you a mod author? Want some cash?

The Altoholic is running a raiding group and a guild.

The Altoholic likes EPGP, in fact, the addon is near perfect for me, and EPGPLootmaster makes the system even cooler.

In case you don't know, EPGP is a loot system that rewards awesomeness with loot. The more awesomeness you show, the more reward you get. It, in theory, could let me reward my raiders for being on time, prepared, for helping each other, and doing other things that make them awesome.

It creates a mathematically powered meritocracy, it's hard to argue with math if you define all of what can be rewarded ahead of time. It also makes sure that everyone gets a fair shot in the long run, prevents point hoarding, etc.

The addon's also handy in game display is perfect for me as my computer screams bloody murder if I try to load up webpages while running 2+ WOW clients.

The Altoholic has two problems with the EPGP addon (and its associated addons): Altoholic likes her officer notes and her raid force includes people in other guilds. The members of the raid force who aren't wearing our tags are decent people, for whatever reason they wish to stay with their current tag (most of them is RL friends in their small social or RP guilds) I do respect that. They'e been loyal to us since the beginning, I feel inclined to treat them as fairly as possible, and the EPGP loot system addon with the officer notes just doesn't do that.

I can't expect every person who ever runs with us to create an alt to put in our guild.

The person who seems to be speaking for the addon development seems to be against the idea of doing the data saving anywhere but the officer notes.

So here's the deal:
I'm looking for someone who can take a look at the two aforementioned mods (EPGP and EPGPLootmaster) and create an alternative way for saving the information that would allow me to track outsiders. I'm willing to pay real life money for it (100 dollars or more) and I'm sure others would also pitch in to pay for services rendered.

There are other addons like RateRaid that must store their information some way.

Addons like Alotholic, which I adore, allows me to sync data across accounts (and with other players if I wanted). There must be some way to broadcast.

Make it broadcast when officers log on, say "I have a save date of X!" "I have a save date of later!" "Well let's compare notes!"

Do it at the start of raids and whenever a new person running the addon joins (when out of combat).

Having the data still be exprtable to web utilities would be great but I don't care much about that.

Addon must be free for others to download, use, and edit, so even if you, the original developer, stop playing or discontinue working on it, someone else can pick it up.

I feel this is something very much needed. Guild tags aren't everything, it's the people behind the tags that really matter.

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