Thursday, July 16, 2009

Anticipating 3.2, Insane Badge Update

So I was looking at my guild bank last night and grumbling.

I have a lot... a lot of eternal shadow. I use every other eternal but shadow. I recalled briefly that we were going to be able to transmute rare gems plus an eternal into an epic gem. It looks like the Eternal Shadow gem output is orange, which isn't too bad.

So I'm going to save a nice stack of each type of gem and each type of eternal. 20. I have about 60 of each rare gem and varying numbers of eternals. I'm going to change my two alchemists from potion and elixir master to transmute master. I'll just make a bunch of flasks and potions before the patch so when it does come time to switch, I can.

I'll do transmutes every day, get epic gems, profit.
The question is which epic gems to get?

I'm thinking yellow and red, because dps loves them red gems and healers love their int gems. I may hoard JC tokens on all 3 of my JCs so I can buy a few popular cuts as soon as the patch comes out.

Of course, that would require me to stop trying to complete a stack of Dragon's Eyes in the guildbank and to stop making rings and necklaces for new people.

Fiveboxing Update:
I've now got 3 BoA weapons, bows, because the idea of having a team of hunters amuses me. I miscalculated my initial goal: I need more than three of certain weapons, like bows, as I did not previously have one on my main account as my hunter is on my other account.

So I have 3/4 bows, that's 195 of 260 Emblems of Heroism.
0/3 Staves - 0 of 260 Emblems of Heroism.
0/3 Axes - 0 of 260 Emblems of Heroism. (I actually have 3/6 as I wanted two for the sake of TGing on my warrior, however, I may just transfer one of them away, as I probably won't leve my warrior before I do my RAF stunt.)
0/3 Maces - 0 of 150 Emblems of Heroism.

I have 0/4 leather shoulders.
I have 0/3 plate shoulders (I actually have 2/5)
I have 0/3 cloth shoulders (I actually have 2/5).

Grand total?
195 / 1200 Emblems of Heroism
1005 Emblems or 4020 Stone Keeper Shards left

16% to goal.

I run Naxx10 tonight. Naxx25 tomorrow. Go go.

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